Dobok Taekwondo Adidas Black Belt

I always advise my kids; with rank comes responsibility, as;

A black belt is a white belt that NEVER gave up~

I really thankful and grateful to my beloved husband for invariably help guiding our precious kids ^_^ Thanks love!

Million thanks to Madame Sofie for her amazing sponsorship throughout these years >_<

WARNING: Dear respectable mommies & daddies, please be careful to check before you sign-up your child to any martial art class to ensure your kid’s dojo or dojang is NOT a McDojo/McDojang.

Beware, please be alert T-T

Below are their Adidas Black Belt Taekwondo Dobok (original uniform) bought in early 2018 *Alhamdulillah* 😀 ;

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From Zero To Hero

This post is long overdue and deeply close to our hearts. We are beyond thankful for the way in which the D&C club , TYC club & SB club has opened their dojang to our beloved kids to allow them to train plus learn there weekly since end year 2012! (what a beautiful journey, indeed ^-^)

The training they received could probably not happen were if not for the generosity and kindness of these amazing people plus superb private sponsorship by our lovely Madame Sofie 😉

Let’s reach out and help others, across the whole nation!

Below pictures taken for official poom & black belts grading examination registered in Korea by official KUKKIWON certification (World Taekwondo Headquarters; home of the World Taekwondo Academy); 1st April 2018 🙂 *Alhamdulillah*

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Homeschool 101 (Survival Guide)

moshi-moshi mommies 😉

Wish you were in marvelous week *best hugs*

OMG, I’m truly excited, full of joy and indeed super-duper happy >_<

Just made announcement regarding to this event yesterday’s morning via Cik Laini’s help (best private assistants ever! ^_^), and “PoP!” we’ve been booked within 24 hours by new sublime mommies. *alhamdulillah*

Thanks a lot for your kind support mommies. May God bless your lovely heart 🙂


Place:  Mini Room (min 10 participants), Mini Hall (min 20 participants), Hotel (min 30 participants)

Date: IPOH (18/08/2019), JB (25/08/2019), KL (01/09/2019), Kedah (08/09/2019), Kuching, Sarawak (15/09/2019), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (22/09/2019)

Module: Homeschool 101 [Survival Guide] (3 hours) by MamaFiza (B.Malaysia + English + Mandarin)

Real Experience. No-Nonsense.
Aggressive Representation.

Me >_<

It’s a moment for me to share my family’s homeschool experience in eclectic method and how to use several other methods of homeschooling for benefits of public/private/homeschool’s students, it will be 3 hours mini-seminar and limited to 30 person per event.

I’ll be there to talk about HS, how to do HS in your daily day even you’re a working mom/dad and make it in fun, factual & flexible ways >_<

Participant will be getting:
1) FREE EBook from us (Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Toddler and Baby) (worth RM 69.00), as extra guide for you.

2) Free 3 International Parenting EBooks worth more than RM 300

3) 10 days of free consultation via email regarding to HS (available within 24-48 hours of working days).

4) FREE: Print-Out material for the talk from us.

Cost: RM 250, RM150 for online class

Inclusive of:

  • Coffee & tea break with lunch set

  • Workshop Price
    (Early Bird Promotion): MYR 299.00 (meet up class), MYR 199.00 (online class) Only MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class)!

    Now you could attend and join this workshop “Homeschool 101: Survival Guide” for only MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class) ; limited for early bird registration before July 29th, 2019, with only RM50 booking fees ^-^


Don’t miss this event, book your seat now!

May Allah swt always bless your family. Amin~ *cuddles*


p/s: can’t wait to see you 😀

Please click HERE to check our very first Homeschool “Chatter” Moment event and click HERE plus HERE for our last event ^-^ Million thanks.

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Reader 101 – Reading Comprehension Workshop

“Now, YOU Could Help YOUR Child to Read

by 1-2-3 Guide

Easy How-Tos Teach and Guide Your Child in FUN Ways!

Do you have these problems still?

Dilemma #1:

  • When is the best time to teach my child to read?
  • Do you know when and where your child was conceived?
  • Strategies for Creating Strong Readers?
  • How to Nurture a Growing Reader?
  • Tips on different level approach?
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Reading; What it takes to learn to read, the achievement gap, and how to help struggling readers as parent?
  • Why Some Kids Struggle? ; The reasons why some kids struggle with reading.
  • Getting Your Child Evaluated; The assessment process demystified.
  • Parent as Advocate; Why you need to toughen up and stand up for your child?
  • Finding Help; Where to get extra help for your struggling reader?
  • Self-Esteem and Reading Difficulties; What else suffers when kids struggle in school and what they can do to help themselves?

Dilemma 2#:

  • What is early literacy?
  • Skills to get ready?
  • Reading Checkups?
  • How to introduce young child to library?
  • How to help your child to enjoy reading?
  • Common misconceptions about kids in literacy development?

Dilemma 3#:

  • How to choose the correct book?
  • What to look for in a book?
  • How to Share Your Book with Your baby/toddler/kids?
  • How can we make Reading Part of our family’s lifestyle?
  • How to Read Book while Breastfeeding?
  • How to Create your own Learning Center for your kids?

Introducing your young child to literacy world without any pointer will be clueless. If you would like to start guiding your young child to read; however you were dealing with the above difficulties, let’s continue surfing this page. You have the PROBLEM ~ We Have the SOLUTION!

It’s Never Too Early to Introduce Reading to Your Dear Child!


NTV7 Celebrates Teachers’ Day (My Mother, My Teacher *Homeschool Edition*) 

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.



Greetings from Malaysia Homeschool Unite Administration Team!

Since we had launched our family’s Homeschool Blog; (previously –, we received tremendous feedback from our loyal readers! Presently, we have bring into being Malaysia Homeschool Unite Community to gather Malaysian family and share more information to enlighten and enhance quality of education and lifestyle among Malaysians.



Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.


Still, we have received lots of inquiries about:

“How could I teach my young child to read?”

Presenting, special workshop…

Reader 101:

Reading Comprehension Workshop

These packages are specially created for any individuals or parent who wants to light their little ones’ hearts on fire with a love for reading by simple guidelines.

You will be guided step-by-step on how to start off reading for your beloved kids.

All in 1 Workshop

Furthermore, this workshop had been established conscientiously to ensure you could teach your child to read in no sweat; advanced edition from our previous CD ROM eHandbook (year 2006! ^-^) . Straightforward, catchy and user-friendly.


Benefits You’ll Learn:

  • You could easily helps your child learn to start reading book, recognize words, and reading by their own.
  • Makes learning fun and interactive plus stimulates brain development for your little one’s
  • Encourages early language acquisition
  • Gives you an effective solution on how to stimulate your baby-toddler-kids in literacy; step-by-step and different level technique.
  • Teaches reading during the window of opportunity for learning language

NOTES: This workshop are highly recommended for anyone whom love to guide their babies-toddlers-kids; a big jump in reading environment.

This workshop “Reader 101: Reading Comprehension (Malay/English/Mandarin version)” is dedicated to anyone whom love to learn on how to introduce reading to little one’s. Specially organized by MamaFiza by her very own experience as certified librarian plus in coaching her 4 lovely kids to world of reading (at the age of 3 for each child *Alhamdulillah*)

Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler
ISBN 978-983-43984-0-8

Reader 101:

Reading Comprehension Workshop

Workshop Price
: MYR 299.00 (meet up class), MYR 199.00 (online class) Only MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class)!

Now you could attend and join this mini talk “Reader 101: Reading Comprehension Workshop” for only MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class) ; limited for early bird registration before July 29th, 2019, you will get MYR 10 discount coupon to obtain the above eBook as additional references too! (Available upon request, in case if you need it)

FREE GIFT #3 (Worth MYR 150):

Child’s Care Handbook – A Parent’s Guide


Kidbasics – Parenting Tips, Tricks And Answers To Help You Care For Your Young Child


Be quick to get your early bird registration for “Reader 101: Reading Comprehension Workshop”. Grab it first; only MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class) as our early bird promotion.


For payment using online bank-in services, it will take 2-3 working days before your funds to be credited into our account. We will only send you confirmation e-mail of accepted funds after we received total funds from the bank.

Our best trustworthy private assistant & dearest pal; Miss Laini, will send your parcel confirmation email/message together. Please do provide us your correct email address.


Payment Particulars: From this moment, we only accept payment via online banking and direct bank-in.

Book your seat for “Reader 101: Reading Comprehension Workshop” together with FREE gift as mentioned above for only MYR 299.00 (meet up class), MYR 199.00 (online class) MYR 250.00 (meet up class), MYR 150.00 (online class).

Please make payment to the account below:

Bank: Maybank Berhad

Account Number: 1623-48433-48-2

Name: Mohd Azhar Bin Md Zahir

Amount to bank-in:
Workshop Price

After making payment, please send or scan your bank-in slip via e-mail attachment together with the details below for our records:

  • send E-Mail to:[@]
  • E-mail Subject: “READER 101”
  • Your Name
  • Name of Account Holder (if differ from above)
  • E-Mail Address
  • Transaction Reference Number
  • Total Payment (MYR)
  • Type of online banking service you used
  • Phone Number: Mobile


Terms & Conditions:

  • By purchasing this workshop package; you acknowledge that you understand and agree to all the following;
  • Payment is due in full on or before the start date. There will be no refund but we are happy to reschedule.
  • No cancellation is allowed after confirmation.
  • Your space is reserved upon receipt of payment.
  • Our system will automatically purge all order with no payment receive within 2 days upon receiving order email notification.
  • Once payment make, please notify us at[@]
  • We reserve the rights to change the Terms & Conditions w/o notice.

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