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(Alhamdulillah 😉 Thank you for your kindness!) LIVE on WHI, TV3

Behind the Scenes on WHI, TV3 LIVE on MHI, TV3 on WHI, TV3 LIVE on WHI, TV3 LIVE on MHI, TV3 LIVE on MHI, TV3 LIVE on WHI, TV3 LIVE on WHI, TV3 on Bella, NTV7 on Bella, NTV7 on Bella, NTV7 on Respons, TV1 on News, TV1

Featured in Berita Harian

2nd Featured in Berita Harian

3rd Featured in Berita Harian

Featured in Harian Metro

2nd Featured in Harian Metro

3rd Featured in Harian Metro

4th Featured in Harian Metro

5th Featured in Harian Metro

6th Featured in Harian Metro

7th Featured in Harian Metro

8th Featured in Harian Metro

9th Featured in Harian Metro

10th Featured in Harian Metro

Featured in Utusan Malaysia

2nd Featured in Utusan Malaysia

3rd Featured in Utusan Malaysia

4th Featured in Utusan Malaysia

Featured in The Star Newspaper

Featured in New Sunday Times

Featured in Life & Times

Featured in The Straits Times Singapore

Featured in The Sun Newspaper

Featured in China Press

Featured in The Heat

Featured in MAGGI (Nestle Malaysia) @ MAGGI, Harian Metro @ MAGGI, Harian Metro II

Featured in Pa&Ma LIVE
Featured in Genius Pa&Ma

Featured in Ibu & Anak

Panelist at UiTM Puncak Perdana (Part I)

Panelist at UiTM Puncak Perdana (Part II)

Panelist at UiTM Puncak Perdana (Part III)

Speaker at Fiesta Femina

Writer’s Journey: I

Writer’s Journey: II

Writer’s Journey: III

Writer’s Journey: IV

1st Book: Hidangan Si Cilik

In-Person with Sir Dr Irfan Khairi

Can WAHM Make Money Blogging?

MeadJohnson Launch

MeadJohnson Smart Camp

MeadJohnson Learning Tool Kit

Prudential – My Child

Ballet Performance & Wedding Event@LittleKittle

MamaYayaZone Kids@LittleKittle


ManjakuHappy Collections

GroomyRoom Boutique

Little Princess’s Wardrobe

Online Shopping at MS.READ


PlayHouse DISNEY

Fabulosity with


Launch Party TM iTalkWHOA!

iTalkWHOA! Credit Online

Salam Aidilfitri from iTalkWHOA!


TM Everyone Connects

Homeschool Module @ SusuIbu

Homeschool Module @ SaraKids

Finalist in DiGi Fashion Design

Finalist in MSC-APICTA 2002

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