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It’s all about my fun and loving home school stories and details for reader review. This real life home school is dedicated specially for my beloved baby boy KiruaMi-cHan and baby girl ReiHi-cHan :)

Gazillion Thanks Pa&Ma

Greetings and blessed day to my wonderful ladies 😀 May you’re in the pink of health. Amin~ 2 days ago, we’ve been invited for Pa&Ma KarangKraf’ Facebook LIVE, Alhamdulillah. Lots of thanks for your endless tremendous kindness to us. *grateful mode*   *gazillion … Continue reading

09. August 2018 by MamaFiza
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We’re in Harian Metro for the 8th times, TODAY :)

Good blessed morning magnificent mommies 😀 A quick update for today, we’ve been featured in Harian Metro newspaper, today *Alhamdulillah* Lot’s of love, hugs and kisses to my dearest husband; whenever we needed you, you were here, no questions asked. You have supported … Continue reading

15. February 2017 by MamaFiza
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Sekolah di Rumah untuk Semua

Auto-Published. ——————————————————– Date: 23rd October 2016 Pertama sekali, izinkan saya untuk memohon ribuan maaf kerana kelewatan saya membalas mesej-mesej peribadi yang diterima daripada teman jelitawan yang dikasihi lagi dihormati. Jujurnya, saya terlalu sibuk dalam urusan jadual rasmi majikan kehormat dan … Continue reading

02. November 2016 by MamaFiza
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Music Education (ReiHi-cHan): Piano or Violin? But She Loves Both.

Undeniably, music is an essential part of every child’s development. Often, a great song can light up their eyes, encourage them to move around and dance. Plus, it doesn’t end there. However, some parents have the misconception that if they … Continue reading

22. October 2016 by MamaFiza
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