The Life of Little Yunaru as Young Helper

Date: circa early 2015

Some collection of throwback pictures of 8 years old; YunaFi-cHan ^O^ These photos taken; before & after, she went as a little helper for nearby neighbourhood’s mosque.

Every 3 days in a week, the mosque community is preparing to receive a visit from various types of motivators, educators plus preachers. Dedicatedly; volunteers have organised private events; stretching from the main prayer hall to a small teahouse.

In a mini teahouse, outside the women’s prayer hall, the mosque’s main helper (Madam Siti) has arranged a plentiful banquet with generous portions, donated from community neighbours. Always keen to help a good cause, Yunaru immediately joined in to help out. Alhamdulillah 😀

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”~ Sir Aesop


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-cat-mosque-1-yunafi-chanPerhaps, a cute friendly kitten would like to come too ^_^


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-mosque-2-yunafi-chanLearning in the mussola (prayer place) ^-^


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-mosque-3-yunafi-chanIt’s time to help Madam Siti, please 😉


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-mosque-4-yunafi-chanDividing foods and arranging plate by plate. Oh my, delicious fried rice noodles made by generous Madam Nor Fadilah 😉


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-mosque-5-yunafi-chanPeek-a-boo by Yunaru! ^-^


yunaru-homeschool-littlekittle-mosque-6-yunafi-chanAll done, Alhamdulillah ^___^


“Prophet Muhammad SAW was very mindful of his relationships, especially with children.  Rather than tell children what to do, he would show them through his own actions.”


Please kindly share your tips regarding “Do’s and Don’ts of Bringing your Kids to the Mosque”, dearest wonderful mommies 🙂

We would love to hear more from you!


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