The “Paid Off the Car” Checklist



Date: 24th September 2016


We’re debt-free, at last!

As I recently chronicled, we recently paid off our one and only: family’s car ^_^ Alhamdulillah. The bank emailed the title to us the other day, and reminded us to go to JPJ for e-Batal as now that we’re official car owners.
As we paid off this car, we never want another car loan. That’s one less chain in the bondage of debt. One more link broken on our ways to freedom. Sweet!
It feels really good to have paid off this debt. Now we can begin thinking about preparing some of the future examination fees and classes for our dearest kids. Honestly for us, that car loan been around way too long. Hopefully, lessons will upgrade a bit, right? Positively, I hope 🙂
I’m a firm believer of this phrase “Your freedom is worth more than your possessing“. Definitely, life will be less stressful. Insya-Allah.


e-batal-jpj-car-loan-finance-littlekittleWords can never express how truly grateful we are >_<


littlekittle-eid-fitr-2013Take a minute to celebrate, kiddies!
It’s all yours for now (after 9 years of hard work, phewww), thank you Lord 😉


hyundai-getz-malaysiaPat yourself on the back, beloved family and enjoy a celebratory prayers >_<



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