An Ode For My Kids And Their Ballet Besties Squad

Date: circa 2015 (few months before RAD Ballet Exam Week)
Our kiddies truly thrilled each time they spent with their buddies My children truly thrilled to go to their ballet weekly lessons: ALL THE TIME ^_- ; for classes as well as have their book discussion club with their buddies there 😀 They would come in twice or trice a week, spending two to three hours, each time.

It makes me smile to see all our children spending their precious time, among trusted friends. This is truly the best opportunity for our kids and the other children have had to just be kids! ^_^

Click HERE for last year recap.


Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners.”~ Miss Anna Paskevska


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-1Let’s the fun time begin >_<


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschoolPaper, rock, scissors 😉


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-3Arm wrestling: YunaFi-cHan vs **ng **ng >_<


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-2ReiHi-cHan ^__^


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-6A little chat before book club meeting ^-^


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-7Wonderful boys (danseur) and amazing girls (ballerina) 😉 Spotted KiruaMi-cHan and YunaFi-cHan.


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-5Read-Aloud session by HidE-cHan~


littlekittle-ballet-friends-homeschool-4Wrapped up by HidE-cHan and YunaFi-cHan ^O^


“People don’t live nowadays: they get about ten percent out of life. What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.” ~ Miss Isadora Duncan


Be bold, kids. Be courageous to discover your true self >_<


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