Behind The Scenes: Bella, NTV7 (Bella’s School Holiday Specials)



Date: 21st November 2014

*Alhamdulillah, thank you Lord. Lots of thanks to my dear hubby, beloved kiddies: KiruaMi-cHan, ReiHi-cHan, YunaFi-cHan and lil HidE-cHan*

Title: Bella’s School Holiday Specials

We would like to thank you to NTV7 & Crew, Bella Producer: Miss Nisa. Bella’s Assistant; Miss April, Bella’s Staff: Miss *J*, Miss *H***, Miss *h*** , Sir Jason, Sir CameraGuys. Bella Host: Miss Belinda Chee and the rest of NTV7 family for their hard work plus effort.


Gratefully arrived! 😀

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-1In the studio with Bella Host: Miss Belinda Chee, remarkable producer and super hard working crews was helping us to reheat  2 type of foods that we prepared and made earlier from home ^O^
p/s: Many thanks for your endless kindness.

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-2Setting up the microphone for YunaFi-cHan ^-^
Peace pals by ReiHi-cHan 😉

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-3Hello friends, said KiruaMi-cHan 😉

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-4Rock on! by YunaFi-cHan ^_-

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-5Ready for 1st segment, hoo-yeah 😀

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-7Getting ready . . .

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-8Camera time from sweet lady, Miss April ^_^

Version 2Okie dookie, let’s start. Now ~ ^____^

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-9 littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-10Please speak up kids >w<

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-17Getting ready for 2nd segments.

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-11Say C-H-E-E-S-E 😀

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-13Kiddies waiting for me to start my solo’s segment >____<

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-12Happy chatting for 3rd segment >O<

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-14Food testing time by generous ladies, ^_^
They’re extremely kind hearted *salute!*

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-15 littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-16Simple and easy baked vegetables; 2nd menu for today’s show.
Before and after pictures 😉

littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-18 littlekittle-mamafiza-kids-bella-ntv7-19Before and after pictures for 1st menu at the show; choc and banana baked cakes.

Happy ending, Alhamdulillah (\\^_^//)


Together with this posting, I attached Bella Talk Show recorded show video, dedicated for fantabulous parents and caretakers out there.

*Credit to The King for recording matter* Thank you, my dear 😉

Bella – Childhood Memories *How to Make Some of the Best?* 

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents” ~ Jane D. Hull


Gambatte ne, amazing mommies and daddies ^O^

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin

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