Sneak Preview of Bella, NTV7 (Childhood Memories)



Filmed earlier (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd segment) regarding the forgotten childhood plus on how to help create positive memories for a child.

Million thanks to fantastic ladies: Miss Nisa & Miss Vanessa Chong *deeply thank you for the ultimate opportunity*, Miss MUA, Miss *h*** and Sir CameraGuys, from NTV7 for Bella Talk Show 😀

Do check out LittleKittle’s kids featured on today‘s show, please don’t forget to watch Bella, NTV7: Friday, 18th July 2014, 11am-12 noon.


Alhamdulillah, thank you God~ 😉



Amazing companions! ^___^

p/s: met 2 new and most talented personalities ever. Simply awesome.

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18. July 2014 by MamaFiza
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  1. Salam puan,

    I want to know more about home schooling. Is it posibble for us to meet you in person, so we could discuss on this matter further. Thank you

  2. W’salam dearest sweet lady Miss Shalkina,

    Wish you’re in great health ^_^ Please kindly email us via talk[@] for latest update and venue for upcoming seminar 😉 All the best to your lovely family my dear, hugs!

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