Sneak Peek of Bella, NTV7 (Happy Teacher’s Day)



Filmed earlier (in the third and final segment) special dedication for “Bella Girls’ High School Celebrates Teachers’ Day“.

Endless thanks to adorable ladies: Miss Serena, Miss Nisa & Miss Vanessa Chong *honestly, thank you for the golden opportunity*, Miss Eja, Miss *h*** and Sir CameraGuys, from NTV7 for Bella Talk Show 😀

Check out LittleKittle’s kids featured on today’s show, please don’t forget to watch Bella, NTV7, today: Friday, 16th May 2014, 11am-12 noon.


Alhamdulillah, thank you Lord~ 😉



Gambatte ne! ^___^

p/s: deeply sorry and please pardon my voice due to extremely sore mouth and throat with ulcers on the interview, previously T-T *cries*


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16. May 2014 by MamaFiza
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