You Might Be . . .



. . . a cat lover if you’re a good midwife for cats! 😀

You’ll never regret to be her buddy. She’s the most warmest person I’ve ever known!

What a superb lunch and absolutely divine homemade food made by Miss Mazri Ernie and her beloved mom ^_^
Thanks a lot dearie 😉 *happy cries for “daging Bali”*

Yummms! *special dessert: steamed banana cakes a.k.a lepat pisang* >w<

Miss Mazri with her lovely princess Aludra and her adorable momma 😀

KiruaMi-cHan playing endlessly with charming lil brother Aymeric ^-^
Thank you Aymeric for being such an angel to us, hugs!

I’m beyond thrilled! Ga ga ga >O< *Alhamdulillah*
p/s: Really freaking awesome family! Her mom & dad plus her big bro & future SIL Miss Ika *giggles*

Girls just so excited playing with their new friends. Thank you so much for sharing toys with my kiddies, deeply appreciate ’em ^__^
Hope to see you again Miss Mazri, cheerio~

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31. August 2012 by MamaFiza
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  1. Haha! Messynya store! Malu saya! However rasa family saya rsa sgt bertuah mamafiza dpt luangkan masa bersama kami. Thanks fiza!

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