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Sincerely, we would like to wish all of you celebrating a Happy Thaipusam and for those of you who are not, have a wonderful day holiday! *blessed hugs* 😀

Alhamdulillah, today we’ve been featured in Utusan Malaysia newspaper (for 4th times), interviewed by Miss Rina (the generous journalist ^-^). So fast, so soon. Thanks a lot Miss Rina! *cries*

For step-by-step guide pictures and more information (plus tips), please do kindly get the printed material for full version as it’s only in short version via online web ^_-

Lord, we’re eternally grateful for your blessing, each breath, each day.

>>Please click HERE to read in e-version<<

p/s: It’s WAHM Workshop, but not WAHM Organization ^-^

p.p.s: For adorable C-Section Moms, you’re most welcome to read comments on this column. Thank you to Miss Suria Irdayu ^O^

Update from’s picture: Do click HERE 😀

Note: This is a special article (health + love + intimacy ^-^). Million thanks to Madame Taty for photo-shoot location, dance studio at Santai Suri Spa, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Darul Ehsan.

That’s me ^-^

Updated height & weight (27th January 2012): 164 cm, 43kg

p/s: Thank you Madame Taty for contributing this picture, deeply appreciate it *girly hugs*


Remarkably, with just a little exercise can give you huge health benefits. As you get more energy exercising, you also get happier 😉

Let’s get fit for love XD *ai ai ai*

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07. February 2012 by MamaFiza
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  1. Mamafiza,

    i reckon kaedah kemutan is recommended for those who deliver via c-sect as what i did taught by my physiotherapist.

    As we did not undergo ‘sengkak’ (utk naikkan rahim), kaedah kemutan is another way to do this. Furthermore, it will help a lot to clear our darah nifas.

  2. Dearest gorgeous momma Miss Suria Irdayu 😀

    Thank you so much for your lovely message, sorry my dear, what I’m trying to say that, it’s not advisable to do it after c-sect delivery (as I started my exercise the 1st day after delivery, Alhamdulillah, all normal labour ^-^ as I’m not involve in confinement period), once they’re in good health and recover, surely they may start doing Kegel exercise as much as they like 😉

    A couple of important steps didn’t publish by Utusan Malaysia *miss out, perhaps, but articles well-written in full version*, I’ll help to post it here later (searching for my free time, omg! -_-) for more info.

    Wishing you a wonderful week my dear, kisses and hugs to your beloved angels >O<

  3. As salam dear Adorable Mama Fiza ,

    tu diaa … sempat lagi exercise ! memang supermak lah 😉

    i managed to start doing sit-ups but only done for 1 day only … LOL ~ insyaAllah,willing to do it everyday
    Added again @

    hugss ! 🙂

  4. Dearest beloved lovely momma Miss Ummi Hanie 😉

    May you’re in the pink of health together with your angelic kids (hat’s off to you my dear, SAHM with 5 kids! *hugs* Incredible ^-^), thank you for your sweet message. Deeply appreciate it.

    My dear, dont worry, you’ll find your time too. The main point is consistency. Just need to focus within 15-30 minutes per day and you’ll get your stamina for the whole day, Insya-Allah 😀 I’ll always pray for your success, Amin~

    Please send my best hugs and love to your precious kids, do take care and keep up your wonderful work 😀

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