How To Make An Open Terrarium

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Another speedy update for our classrooom project: a terrarium!

Terrariums can be categorized basically into 3 different types:

  • Open Air Terrarium
    Not enclosed environment (no top or lid), the easiest to create for kids and could be done in less than 30 minutes. (e.g: dish terrarium)
  • Self-contained Terrarium
    Completely enclosed with special bio system, is more tricky to make and to maintain. You’ll need to make sure it has the correct amount of water plus gets the right amount of sunlight. (e.g: bottle terrarium)
  • An Animal Terrarium
    Showplace for a little pet such as a lizard or a turtle with surrounding motif of jungle or a desert. (e.g: unused aquarium tank)

Let’s start it, now!
p/s: if you’re using glass container, please do make sure to clean it well with hot, soapy water before you start.

You’ll need a clean container, activated charcoal or potting soil, seeds/moss/miniature plants, water, pebbles.

Start with a thin layer of small pebbles on the floor of  your preferable container.

Almost done! >O<

Second layers! >w<

Cover the pebbles with a thin layer of charcoal, then add-on potting soil and wal-lah. It’s time for decoration 😀

Alhamdulillah, mission accomplished ^_-
Hello sharpy and fluffy cacti!  *yup, those are nicknames, giggles*

From the above *whoaaa!*

Weeeeeeheeeee! >____________<
Great job kids! *high-5*
Friendly friends, do remember to check the terrarium at least twice or trice a week.

Honestly, with something as simple as this terrarium project is a gateway for you to teach some science lessons to your children about the importance of nature, the life cycle of plants, and the crucial of interaction in eco-systems, its interconnectedness, and our role as stewards in helping with the care and last but not least, the love.


Alright then, it’s time for weekly question. What type of terrarium would you like to make?

Feel free to show off your new terrarium with us by sharing the link here 😉 Thank you, lovely ladies.

Please take a good care, may God always blessed your day, Amin~

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  1. oic .. so it’s like an aquarium but … it’s a “plant-rium” = terrarium ?

    nice ! n not so messy 😉

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