Homeschool Classroom (New Setup)

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PhotoBlog@ New Homeschool Classroom.

Ohayo gozaimasu to my dearest pretty girls 😉

May you’re in the pink of health, Amin~ *triple hugs*

I have always agreed with my dearest hubby when he said his favorite phrase “Our children deserve the best!“.

Yes, of course! They’re so little and cute but unbeatable hard work.

We’re so busy with outstation work schedule this year, add-on with daily homeschool lesson, but we’ve been working on it secretly for a few days (changing new homeschool room setup).

Gazillion thanks to my dear hubby for endless support and help to ensure this new setup can be accomplished before 1st Ramadhan 2011. Remarkably love it, lots of love for you PaPa!!! * tickles, hugs and kisses* Alhamdulillah.

With big smiles, let’s take a tour ^___^:

Theme:  Dreamy Daffodils & Creamy Stitches ^_-

New herb plants and flowers (roses and daisies) for scientific observation.
From left to right: YunaFi-cHan’s study table, ReiHi-cHan’s study table, spotted her new fairies book? *a gift from PaPa for her latest achievement in reading, Alhamdulillah*

Latest vision board for KiruaMi-cHan 😀
Yup, that’s his new Al-Quran + prayer mat *his beloved gold theme!* (rewarded from PaPa as his hard work and accomplishment for learning Quran & Tajweed with me 5 times per week).
Spotted cactus for upcoming project?
p/s: thank you so much to awesome pal Sir Syed Aiman for your great present to our lil son. He’s truly appreciate ’em!

New “Parent’s Station” at our homeschool classroom *Alhamdulillah*.
My cuddly hubby’s add-on this section for me so I could guide plus monitoring their computer use  while they’re online in cyber world.
Spotted goatskin, my mini Gundam and 2nd copies of Mona Lisa’s puzzle + vision board? OMG, I’ve too many personal corner at this sweet home >O<

In the dark, with my kids laptop.

Full with happy tears *yummylicious~*
Spotted height chart?

View from left to right: Hide-cHan’s study table, KiruaMi-cHan’s study table.

Totally blessed! Thank You, Lord >w<
Spotted reading area?

Our whiteboard and map corner.
Picture taken on 3rd Ramadhan 2011.

Tadaaa ^____________^

Precious bloomed!



So now, it’s your turn. Please kindly share with us on how do you set up a work area for your lil student? 😉

See you soon my hot mommies, may God always blessed your family, Amin~

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13. September 2011 by MamaFiza
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  1. Salam Mama Fiza,

    Still not to late I hope to wish u n family Selamat Hari Raya.

    Couldnt find you on FB anymore. and it seems like ages since you updated your blog, I wondered where you’ve been. ALhamdulillah all is well for you and family.

    My kids corner seriously need a major clean up, but procrastination keep holding me back – tsk tsk, insyaAllah this post will motivate me. Thank you dear!

  2. auwsome…

    really inspired me to decorate my sweet litle room for my lil’caliphs…

    so sweet of u as a mother of 4…high salute from me a mom of 2…

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  4. Boleh tak saya panggil suami kamu untuk bertukang di rumah kecil saya? T__T

  5. Salam…
    i’m going to homeschool my 6year old son next year. please share with me how n what’s the procedure..really2 need help here….what i meant is, should i apply to the moe or not?

  6. sweet sangat. mesti seronok anak-anak belajar kat sini.

  7. mama fiza,
    i really adore you, the precious thing that u had done for our precious one. gud luck and keep updating so the others will get the benefits from you, alhamdulillah..

  8. wow!!!that’s very inspiring!!!i like!!!

  9. salam mamafiza,

    i always adore your skill in designing kids’ homeschool area ! wish we could do like that too ~ 🙂

  10. Assalamualaikum wbt dearest supermoms: Miss Siti, Miss amaniammar, Miss Yus, Miss Rita, Miss mama adam, Miss diana, Miss hada masayu, and Miss Ummi Hanie 😉

    Subhanallah, thank you so much for your kindness comments. May God always blessed your beloved family, Amin~

    Please dont worry, I believe you could do better than me in decorating your kids homeschool area. All the best, gambatte ne >_< Dont forget to update us regarding 'em, will ya? Thank you dearest! *hugs*

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