Homeschool Wall. What Else Can You Add to the List?

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Happy holiday to my gorgeous girls 😉

May you’re in great health. Amin~ *lovely hugs*

Oh my Lord, what a super busy year for all of us ^-^ *Alhamdulillah*

I kept all the pictures update in external hard disk but yet still have no suitable time to upload ’em to this humble blog *gomen ne!*.

Alright then, let’s continue another fast and extra simple update for today’s blog post.

Question of the day: What else can you add to your homeschool wall?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is never ending!

Other than our wall of fame, world map, planner mind-map, periodic table of chemical elements, and list of educational display (section for math, science, language, religious education, history), we also used magnetic whiteboard with aluminium frame.

Previously we do have the easel with dry-erase and chalkboard, but only suitable for one-on-one tutor session.

Gazillion thanks to dearest PaPa, now we’re putting up a huge wipe board on the wall *Alhamdulillah*.


Waiting for The King to arrive . . . heeee >w<
(before setting up)


Wonderful Time:


We’re using 2 separate whiteboard, size 2′ x 3′ (ft) *60cm x 90cm* = 2‘ x 6‘ 😀

All edge are furnished with safety corner cap, wall installation, attachable accessory tray keeps magnets, markers & erasers nearby, plus concealed hanging brackets create a more professional-looking display.


Trying up~ (big bro and big sis) >O<


Doodling with little girls >_<


It just makes me feel organized to teach my precious kids for each and everyday.  You bet, I’m ready for Monday!^_______^
*Alhamdulillah* 😉


Believe me, you can always create a legion of environments with a little imagination -_^


Don’t give up, my hot mommies! You can do it too 😀

May God blessed your weekend, Amin~





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25. June 2011 by MamaFiza
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  1. salam dear mama fiza ,

    i am always fancied with ur HS activities and all that …
    saya cuba nak buat mcm mama fiza buat tapi kekurangan idea utk ajar apa pd anak2 … n maybe kesabaran juga kurang ? 😉

  2. Dear Mama Fiza,

    Could you be so kind so as to help my colleague to the world of homeschooling following closely to Islamic principals. She just needs support because her second child a boy is suffering in school as he is ALWAYS labeled negatively by his friends and teachers.

    Christina Teo

  3. Dearest benevolent lady Miss Christina Teo 😉

    You’re such a sweetheart. Please kindly email me her email address, thank you. May God blessed your day Miss Christina *cuddles*.

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