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Konbanwa to my dearest hot momma 😉

May you’re in cheerful day ^w^ God blessed, Amin~

Alhamdulilah, we’re back on homeschool extended road trip since April 2011 and up to this month.

Yes, as usual we’re traveling together for field trip and working purpose 😀 You may always integrate travel and homeschooling with your child.

Question of the day: How Do You Keep Kids Busy While You Work?

Provide your child a choice and a list of useful activity books is a great way to keep them busy without resorting to video or computer games.

Activity books may help to refresh their math, science, language arts and IQ studies skills in fun ways.


Let’s keep ’em busy:

A: New books for next week schedule.
B: Completed activity books from last week schedule.
Alhamdulillah, we’re fully occupied 😉



My First Phonics Series ^-^



Mini activity books, suitable for for different occasions (and always on the go!). Simple yet effective. Mini-books are quite simple included with images. We bought 4 sets of these books *yay! ^-^ *



Coloring books for bonus treats! >_<



For big bro and big sis ^_^


Three Line Work Book: For handwriting practice (cursive!)
Big Square Work Books: For mathematics subject.

But do make sure that your kids are comfortable as possible during the travel in each destination.

Insya-Allah, traveling with kids can be both fun and rewarding for you and your little angel once properly planned 😀

Gambatte ne, have a blissful holiday~*special hugs*





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  2. layan juga baca buku pokemon.

  3. I usually have books for my children rather than the electronic gadgets.

  4. i love books, love books, love books. the paperless concept just not my thingy

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