Laundry: How to Teach Kids the Basics

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Question of the day (from New Straits Times‘s interview):

Miss Anusha K: “How do you teach your kids about laundry and if so, which one is doing it now? Do they enjoy it?”

Me: Thank God, yes, I do teach and introduce my kids when I’m doing laundry since they’re a little baby (3 months old) because I’m using baby sling (baby wearing) that keep me very handy on doing it ^_^ Alhamdulillah, all of them doing it, with no complaint. My precious boy and girls love to help out in the laundry room plus always been eager to help, most of the time, they argue about who gets to do what (even had been scheduled earlier).

Now and for the last 2 years till today, my husband and I wont need to do laundry chores as our children very helpful on this routine. We only need to supervise them, everyday. Plus, all of them were surprised at how many teenagers and adults went to school/college/university with no idea how to do laundry or clean the bathroom.


Our laundry room ^_______^

Honestly for me, teaching our child to do laundry is a worthwhile process. By involving them in the family care routine of the home definitely teaches responsibility, builds self-esteem. Plus, my husband and I need to deal with their over-eagerness, on daily basis! *lol* No doubt, getting child to love doing the wash will be easy breezy 😉

Perfection is not the goal. Self-reliance and pride in a job completed is. This may help instill the good habit of responsibility from an early age.

As I do strongly believe children can handle various responsibilities based on of different abilities and ages, my husband and I made a chore chart (household tasks) be divided by age, one chore chart per child (age appropriate) and also for us (combined list).

But do keep in mind as the art and science of caring for clothes is not learned in one day even though naturally young kids love chores and household tasks. With help, they can complete the job from start to finish.


Big smiles 😀 *Alhamdulillah*


First step: let your child disposes of worn or soiled garments by placing them in a box or basket. Provide each child with their own container. They will quickly learn organization and order by putting things where they go.

Toddler may help handing clothes pins to you, match and roll socks. Preschooler children can begin to do more. They can bring their clothes to the laundry area when it’s time to wash them, and really helpful to sort clothes by color.

After sorting, clothes can be washed and dried, then folded and put away in drawers or hung up. They can also help emptying the wastebasket and wiping down the machines with a damp cloth.

To make it more interesting, show the kids what load sizes are: small, medium or large. When clothes already dry, use folding time to name shapes such as rectangles, squares (e.g: washcloths and towels).

Make “laundry time” a fun time for your child, you may also setting a “laundry day”. Use praise, hugs, kisses and thanks (lots of love). Thank them and brag on them for their help even if it is not perfect.

Start simply and remember safety first. Please do always remind them to be careful with lids of washing machines.

  • Write some basic steps on A4 cards, laminate them and hang them on the wall over the washer.
  • Make sure parent is in-charge with laundry chemicals (close the lid tightly), and it is important to read the labels to your child before using any of them so you might tell them about the chemicals and teach about the hazard and caution signs.
  • Do supervised with care, as they can measure out the detergent and even set the controls at the age of 4-6 years old. Teach your children how, when and where to add the laundry detergent. Whether you use a scoop or a lid to measure laundry soap, use a permanent marker and draw a line to show how full it should be.



Get ready kids >O<


  • Do choose to use a clothes line to dry laundry; it will be simple and even fun to teach your children how to hang clothing on the line and how to use hanger.
  • If you have a special way of folding socks, wash cloths, and towels,please demonstrate the procedures to your child. As repetition is a great teacher, children need very detailed, step by step instructions. Be sure to ‘walk through’ the procedures with your child for several loads.
  • Never too early to teach about fabric to your child. Example on how to sort laundry: 1 basket of light colors, make another basket for jeans, do make sure all socks are right side out, wrong side out for dark colors and if there are any stains, hand it to “Mama/Papa” so we can help you to treat them  first.
  • Dont forget to each them simple mending and how to use iron at the age of 5-6 years old. (It is better to use a cordless iron as it turns off automatically when not in use. Please make sure to unplug the iron after use. Never leave the iron sitting on the iron board. After use, store the iron in a cabinet).

Teaching your child how to do laundry will help them to develop discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

Your time and patience will be well worth it because not only are you getting extra help around the house, but you are teaching your child independent living skills.



All the best, glorious momma! 😀

May God blessed your beloved family, Amin~





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