Fun Homeschool Day!

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Oyasumi nasai to my dearest lovely ladies 😉

May you have a blissfully happy weekend, Amin~ *cheers*

Question of the day: How to make homeschooling your children more fun? (Yet, still keep them focused on what needs to be done?)

Simple tricks and treats: never skip family playtime! Plus, dont forget to add-on rewards and presents for your beloved kids.

Special thanks to my dear hubby for sponsoring our homeschool’s gifts. We’re deeply appreciate ’em, love you PaPa!!! *hugs and kisses* Alhamdulillah.

Happy time ^O^:

The Nerf Maverick! (each Nerf Maverick comes with 6 suction cup tipped foam darts). Together with extra refill pack. (Obviously for The King and KiruaMi-cHan). Load up time, boys! 😀

p/s: view from sis ReiHi-cHan’s study table.

Sweet gummy day for the girls 😉 Pink theme backpack fo ReiHi-cHan, doll house for YunaFi-cHan, mini dolly house for HidE-cHan~

New addition of stationary sets for our beloved kids >w< Alhamdulillah, now already in the middle of  2nd trimester homeschool session for year 2011~

So excited! Racing train for big bro KiruaMi-cHan >O<
*super fast!*

Gigantic pink bubble gummy teddy bear for sister ReiHi-cHan 😀
Big sis height: 109 cm
Her pink buddy ‘s height: 93 cm!!! (heeee~)

Such a sweetie girl! *always be a great sister~*

View from YunaFi-cHan’s study table with her new pal: Totoro! (last time in smaller size ^-^) Officially licensed Tonari no Totoro backpack (Studio Ghibli! *Sir Hayao Miyazaki*), for sure *yay*.

p/s: credit to my godfather Sir Ogasyo, for his present to me regarding this marvelous movie (a VHS tape~) when I’m 15 years old. I’m totally blessed! Thank You, Lord >____<

Really big smiles from sis YunaFi-cHan!!! *Are they twins?*

““A happy family is but an earlier heaven” ~ Sir George Bernard Shaw

Do keep in mind: there is no such thing as a typical homeschool day.

We should never be constrained on the idea of teaching itself. Last but not least, each day routine will be as unique as the individual family.

If you ever blogged about your homeschool day, please share a link with us in the comments box, okie dookie? 😉


Be grateful with your life, Insya-Allah everything will be smooth sailing ^_-

Until next time my gorgeous girl, may God blessed your weekend, Amin~

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14. May 2011 by MamaFiza
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  1. Assalamualaikum mamafiza dan keluarga.
    Maaf ye, saya ingin bertanya, kadang2 ramai org kata membazir klu beli mainan byk2 utk kanak2 krn mereka hanya bermain sekejap sahaja….mmmm…itu membuatkan saya rasa bersalah dan ragu2 utk membelikan mainan utk anak2 bila mendapati pandangan2 serong bila tetamu melihat mainan anak2 yg byk….mmmm…mamafiza ada komen??

  2. Dear Mamafiza.. the Totoro backpack is very cute! where can i get this bag? 😉

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