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Konnichiwa to my prodigious ladies 😉

Wish you’re in sublime day. Amin~ *tickles*

Question of the day: I love being around positive people (plus, I love to talk to ’em!). How about you?

I strongly believe, by continuously  practicing positive self-talk will improve your emotional health.

In my humble opinion, I vote for methods that go beyond words (allowing my lovely participants to express emotions freely without hesitation).

As for me, the main idea to find a suitable solution by gathering them in new insight and perspective (more effective action).

However, positive discussion only works best when a person can be completely honest about their feelings. By then, we may start to understand and brave enough to deal with any difficulties that are causing emotional distress.

Do kindly remember: a personal talk therapy doesn’t have to be difficult. Seriously, it doesn’t take much to set up a specific private “chit-chat” time for your WAHM weekly routine.


Private one-on-one pictures:
Credits to Fantastic Team!

With remarkable lady: Miss Leiza (and her 3 wonderful kids!!!) 😀
The happiest moment of my life~
She’s so unusual, I truly adore her sincere friendship.
Thank you so much for being such a superb pal to me *triple hugs*


Awesome princess and heroic prince: Lil Wafi and Lil Luqman ^___^
Sniffin’ good! Please dont forget to drop by again.


The most beautiful smile of the day: Lil Lydia ^O^
I heart her cheeky cheeks *doll’s eyes*~


A sweet smile doesn’t need words to describe!
With my beauteous girl: Miss Nani with her charming prince *extremely cute!!!* >w<
I hope we could spend more time together. Deeply thank you for your support.


We can’t thank you enough Miss Sue (very diligent pal!) ^-^
Hat’s off to your amazing work!
p/s: we’re on secret mission! *wohoooo!*


“Setting up a WAHM area will look totally different for each homeschooling family. I hope my humble workshop will inspire you to create a fabulous business start-up for your family that works for Y.O.U!”~MamaFiza


Foxy ladies, please do keep up with your hard work for the sake of your family. Okie dookie? 😀

A little more time with a little more heart and endless prayer will definitely straighten your soul. Gambatte ne!


See you soon, ja ne!

God blessed you my dear, Amin~





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03. May 2011 by MamaFiza
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  2. Salam ceria untuk Mamafiza,

    Entry ini membuatkan saya & anak2 berebut2 depan lappy. Hehe.. Thanks to mamafiza again and again. Hari yang gembira dalam hidup saya dan anak2 saya. Please take care mamafiza, looking forward to meet you again next time.

  3. Dearest my beloved babe Miss Leiza 😀

    You’re such an inspiration, I heart your kids, a lot!!! ^_^ Gazillion thanks for your endless generosity, I’m totally glad.

    Please send my best smooches to your lil angels, God blessed *cuddles*

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