They Made Me Cry

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PhotoBlog@ Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2011 at Putra World Trade Centre .

Remarkable dedication to YOU, since day 1 till today, we’re deeply appreciate all your hard-work, prayers and lovely supports 😉 You’re simply the best! (made me shed tears~)

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, arigato gozaimasu! *triple hugs*

Huge mission + cute badge: ” Saya Penulis PTS
I’m so grateful to God for such a sublime day ^____^
Our second appearance at PWTC for cooking demo to share lovely moment and promote our book: Hidangan Si Cilik.

PTS Pesta Buku

Thank you, everyone!!! *heavy tears T-T*
May God always blessed your kindred heart, Amin~
p/s: Spotted my 2 wonderful ladies and their beloved kids?

Again, I’m just a sous chef of the day >_<
Gazillion thanks to my dearest hubby-bee: The King, my brilliant photographer: KiruaMi-cHan, my superb junior chef: lil ReiHi-cHan and lil YunaFi-cHan plus my cheeky ones: lil HidE
Thank you very much *hugs & lots of smooches*~

Very focused, ei ei ei cutie pie? >w<

Gambatte ne lil girls ^O^
Thank you for your love!

Recipe: “Roti Perancis Restu Permata
A blissful treats for empty tummy ^_-
p/s: Spotted Miss Zila’s hand with spoon?

Best helper from magnificent team of PTS publisher.
Truly adore their professional work!!! *hat’s off*

With my best babes: creative + talented graphic designer Miss Mazura and gorgeous photogenic momma + intelligent editor, Miss Zila 😀

Thank you so much to my special trusted buddy Miss Yus and her adorable family (plus her sweet princesses: lil Azyana & lil Azzalea, good prince: lil Azrie) Very caring and most pleasant persona I ever met ^-^ p/s: tribute thanks to my extraordinary pal, Miss Nurulhuda! *triple hugs* :B

Endless thank you to my most remarkable great pal, Miss nelcyndana and her beauteous princesses: lil Ica and lil Apina. High spirited momma >w< Can’t replace ’em from my heart, that’s for sure. Deeply an inspiring family!

Thank you lil bro Sir Syed Aiman, I did’nt expect to see you here for 2nd times ^_^ Now that’s, a miracle! So generous~

Special thank you to Miss Rashiela, super-amazing editor ^-^ I heart your kindness, lil gal.

The foxy gang~ (pssst: Thank you to Miss Mazura, Miss Mary and Miss Nani ^_^)

Best supporter of the day 😀
Thank you so much for waiting~

Thank you for stopping by! >____<

Photographer at work, yo bro!!! ^(O)^
Great job lil prince, thank you~


May you’ve a nice day ahead, hot mommies 😉

God blessed . Amin~

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28. April 2011 by MamaFiza
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    look deicious.. you & your kids awesome!

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