Practising Cubism Art with Furry Friend

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Ohaiyo gozaimasu to my hot momma 😉

May your day full with love and happiness. Amin~ *cuddles*

Tip of the day: Develop five to ten questions to ask your child about artwork (in art time).

Just pick a piece of art and ask your child and do remember to tell your little ones that there are no right answers because right or wrong only applies to the use of tools plus materials, but not to the artwork or even subject matter.

Please do focus on the process, not mainly on the final result. And never forget to display their artistic creation 😀


All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up“~ Pablo Ruiz Picasso


Young kids really love art >O<
Art therapy (emotional gateway to express feelings), provides a calming moment for your little angel.


Topic of the day: Cubism World. Theme: Lines and “Neko”.
Accompanied by furry friend! 😀

Cubism, an important abstract art movement in the early 1900s, attempts to show the subject matter from many viewpoints using an abstracted form and random angles. Pablo Picasso was experimenting with what would become cubism along with fellow artist and creator Georges Braque, a French painter and sculptor.

His works “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, one of his earliest cubist pieces and arguably one of the best, is a fantastic example of the artistic genre. Even in the end, Picasso was ahead of his time.


Our cubists in the making, begin with drawing. Alhamdulillah~
Do provide your child with proper art material and allow his/her imagination to run wild >w<


One of my main objectives in teaching art is to ensure my kids to appreciate art.
With no doubt, appreciating art begins with their own art.


We’re so glad he found a forever home! Alhamdulillah~ ^_-


Lil Kash: Day 1 with our beloved kids.
Still tiny and skinny.


Art is the elimination of the unnecessary“~ Pablo Ruiz Picasso


My ladies, come and let us sweetly join the imagination factory 😀


Gambatte ne my dearest pal ^____^

Have a blissful time, Amin~





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