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PhotoBlog@Home Salon.

Oyasumi nasai to my gorgeous ladies 😉

Hope you’re in the pink of health. Amin~ *cuddles*

Question of the day: If your child needs a haircut what should you do?

Personally, for my charming prince: KiruaMi-cHan, I’d rather go to a professional hairstylist than do it myself as I don’t really know how to cut a boy’s hair *I’m still learning 😀 *, but when I trimmed my girls hair, I kept the bangs at the eyebrows (and they love it!).

A clean salon that caters to kids! Specially designed for girls.

BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

Trimming my kids’ hair *bangs or fringe!* at home (regularly) is easy and less hassle, Alhamdulillah. To keep the shape of your child hair cut fresh, hair should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.


Look like a million dollars without hardly spending it?
You bet! 😀


Snip Its!
Snip, snip, snip ^____^


Looking more cute than ever?
What a doll face! *Yummm~* >w<


Getting your child’s hair cut can be fun! *always*


Want to look like you just stepped out of the hair salon all the time?
Secret: New ‘Do! ^O^ *chubby + cheeky babe~*



“Do make the experience fun for your kids, I’m sure they will cooperate as much as their age allows and please be extra careful as it takes practice, lots of practice. ~MamaFiza


Hot momma, please ensure to take some precautions when using any related equipment. Okie dookie? 😀


Good night pretty momma, till then!

God blessed, Amin~





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12. April 2011 by MamaFiza
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  1. Comey jek. I pn ptg my doter’s hair myself. Kalo tersalah, u only hv urself to blame. But then again, ptg rmbt free mmg lah bound for all dat to happen dak?

    Anyhow, now she’s 4. Dah reti demand nak rambut pjg. So, am keeping them long. Incl the fringe. So, nanti leh ikat suma ke blakag. So far, can see she’s loving it. Cos leh pakai hairband, leh ikat pakai colorful getah etc.

    Girls eh?

  2. mamafiza,

    what a lovely haircut. our family barber is hubby – our superman ;-). he’s the one who cut apina’s hair & also mine he..he.. As for Ica, she never need a hair cut since birth ;0. We really saves a lot on hair cutting expenses.

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