My New GT!

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Wonderful wish to you my cheerful ladies 😉

Latest addition to my new rig, a brand new Genius G Pen F610 graphics tablet! (GT: my graphic tablet, not a GT car ^-^)

I didn’t had any plan to get one. But last month, my dearest hubby bought it for me as a present. He encouraged me to keep on drawing digitally for my new venture (yes absolutely, for this special project). Oh my, what a wonderful husband I have! *Alhamdulillah*


Tadaaaa . . .~ *sniffin’ good*


He said, my old WACOM is way to bulky for me to carry everywhere or else I’ll end up leaving it somewhere and lose it. Click HERE to view my old graphics tables (color: dark grey *right side of the table*). Love it (WACOM Intuos3 12″ × 12″ , huge: 1.4kg!), really works wonder!




That’s my personal work place (in our couple room) and not in our family’s computer lab. My kids and my hubby loved it. My kids are hooked! (They enjoyed using it ^_-)


Genius G Pen F610 ultra-slim graphic tablet (6″ x 10″), is my favorite choice based on quality and price, is the ultimate winner.

Alhamdulillah, so far I’m very satisfied with the product. It has 1024-level pressures sensitivity on the pen tip, which provides realistic touch.


Extremely sleek slim design!
Exquisite slim pad design, only 620 gram *weeee*.


Actually, lil Kash like to sleep on my new graphics tablet *protected by felt fabric cover – white polka dot!*  ^O^
He’s huggin’ now! So cute, so irresistible 😀


Awww, who could say NO to that cute face?
Almost recover lil kitty, gambatte ne!
p/s: my adorable kids love this candid picture so much, they always asked me to prepare the camera for any future surprise “click” for our little Kash (in case if they might miss the moment. Aren’t they the best? Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar 😉  I love you, my precious angels. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of my life).



All right my foxy ladies, till then.

Please do take care and don’t ever forget to spice up your day!

May you’ve a blissful day. God blessed, Amin~



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05. April 2011 by MamaFiza
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