kAsh-cHan the Playful Homeschooled Kitten

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moshi-moshi mommies 😉

May you’ve an enjoyable weekend~ Miss ya *hugs*

Surprisingly we obtained lots of request from our cyber pals regarding latest member of our family (the 5th child!), since I updated about this loyal kitten in my FaceBook’s photo gallery and as additional pictures of our LittleKittle.com’s blog banner a.k.a header.

However, most of my closest buddies at Homeschool “Chatter” Moment & WAHM Workshop already received the hot stories and speedy testimonial from me *lol*. What a lovely time! 😀 Thank you so much for being such a wonderful pals to me, may God always blessed your family.

Devoted dearest hubby, 4 winsome little angels, full homeschool daily schedule (daily home-cook meals), mosques and charity visits, outdoor class (including dance class routine), field trips, loaded with web design dateline, book writings job (manuscripts!!!), outstation clients meet-ups, attending media appointment,conducting seminar, cooking demo, still recovering from my health issues AND I just save a starving stray kitten?  Now, a sick and injured kitten on my lap. Huge responsibility for me (as reminder from my thoughtful husband), but wait . . . am I going insane??? ~MamaFiza, 20hb January 2011.


Alhamdulillah, what a blissful day for all of us! >w<

Thank you Lord, we’ve new member in the family *yay*

Name: k.a.$.h 😀 It’s a stray kitten rescued by us at farmer’s market location on 2oth January 2011, 3pm. We’re deeply in love! Welcome to the club lil kAsh ^_____^

Sadly, little kAsh had been tortured badly by school kids (formerly killed another 3 little kitten [kAsh’s siblings] by dumping ’em in deep drain, nearby). Their reason? Want to kill some time while waiting their school bus to arrive. (As told by the stall owner).

Me: OMG.OMG.OMG!!!!! -_______________________________-

How to take care of a cat in a house as I never had that experience before? (I always had outside cats). But my heart really felt pity for this tiny kitten.

Amazing fact: My lovely MIL have been taking care of more than 40 stray cats with her all the time (yes, in her  house, all potty trained)! My dear husband grew up with cats that stayed inside his room for his entire life (before married) and highly hardworking volunteer for SPCA.

My dear hubby is totally against the idea of paying huge amount of money for buying animal as family pet because they are living creatures that need love, time and care from us (as animals are often treated as just another new “item” to be sold).

As for me, opening a door to a stray cat is a noble and great thing to do (Insya-Allah). Lil kAsH deserves a chance of a happy and healthy life.


Below are some of our lil kitten pictures on 1st day:

Done clean up, in cage.
Lil kAsH : No, I wanna go out!


Skinny -_-
Dried bloods (around nose, face, neck, ears and legs) plus loss of hair!


After bath, refreshing~


Close up: Hi neko ^O^
kAsh-cHan the Playful Homeschooled Kitten!
My kids trained him to be a very good cat, while my hubby teaches him to be a MMA cat *hee~*, Alhamdulillah~



Auwww, such a cutie!


Om nom nom nom . . . 😀
He always deserves our hugs, praise and love!


Below is a cute video about lil kAsH after 5 hours with us:

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.


I’ll share more stories about this miraculous kitten in next blog entry (as lil kAsh already with us for 2 months) , Insya-Allah >______<



Have a nice weekend sugar babes 😉

God blessed , Amin~



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03. April 2011 by MamaFiza
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