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This special blog post dedicated to our beloved friends of media 😉

We’re deeply thank you to media for wonderful coverage about our family. Thank you so much, may God blessed and reward you with remarkable journey of life, Amin~ *blissful tears ^O^*

All the interview (since year 2008 till 2011) was such a great pleasure and all inquiries were so insightful. Fully and creatively written articles plus smooth-sailing interviews (Alhamdulillah). Each time when the paper came out, or news on air, everyone in my family rushed to take a view and we were sincerely impressed!

We’re so lucky getting help from all of you (yes, including YOU *long list of super blogger ladies & mommies!* 😀 ) to make sure’s philosophy: foster a love of learning from home could continue to grow, and even spotlighted us in almost everywhere! Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar~ ^____^


Harian Metro: Dearest Miss Siti (journalist), me, lil YunaFi-cHan, Miss Yus (my best buddy!), lil Azyana and lil Azzalea >w< Endless thank you to generous Miss Siti for her highly motivated and positive attitude since day 1 till today! I owe her my soul ^-^
Image credit: KiruaMi-cHan.

Location: For the above interview, all pictures taken at Miss Yus’s house of wonderland! Me, Miss Fazz the hardworking lady *Miss Yus’s youngest sister ^-^* and superb bestfriend, Miss Yus!!! Thank you very much my dear, will update about this soon >O< Insya-Allah.
Image credit: ReiHi-cHan.

Berita Harian: Dearest Miss Affizar (journalist), her Inter, me, lil ReiHi-cHan, lil YunaFi-cHan and lil HidE-cHan. Location: Studio Berita Harian, Jalan Riong, Kuala Lumpur. Happy moment for all of us, thank you so much for pure kindness from Miss Affizar. I will never forget you! 😉
Image credit: KiruaMi-cHan.

Berita Harian: Dearest Miss Rina (journalist), Miss Ina (professional photographer), her Intern and me. Location: Studio Utusan Malaysia, Jalan Lima Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, KL. Truly inspiring time for my kids and me! Very extraordinary experience for me, indeed 😉 Miss Rina and Miss Ina plus her Intern, you’re the best!
Image credit: KiruaMi-cHan.

Berita Harian: Dearest cuddly hubby (The King), big bro KiruaMi-cHan, lil ReiHi-cHan, lil YunaFi-cHan and lil HidE-cHan. You’re the most precious love I’ve ever had.
Location: Studio Berita Harian, Jalan Riong, Kuala Lumpur.
Image credit: Me *heee~*

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, I just felt like it was the least I could do to show my gratitude. Thank you so much 😀


All the best to you foxy mommies 😉

Gambatte ne , God blessed, Amin~

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