Drawing On Air (Earth Hour 2011)

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Good night to my beloved hot ladies 😉

May you’ve a pleasant moment with your family today *hugs*.

Oh, yes. As promised for our homeschool’s update in previous blog entry, let us start today ^____^ *yeay!*

Did your family participate in Earth Hour last week (26th March 2011)? Please do tell us about it!

For our family, Earth Hour does make a difference, same goes to our 3R Project since year 2008: Reduce, Reuse & Recyle.

Earth Hour is absolutely a prodigious awareness campaign, but really motivate us to take action throughout the year and we’ve been participating in Earth Hour for a few years now (year 2009, year 2010, year 2011), Alhamdulillah~


Turn off your lights for an hour to show that you care about our planet in terms of us wasting resources and polluting nature.

Next time, if you want to use candles, do kindly spend a little more and purchase 100% beeswax or soy candles because normally candles are made with paraffin (a waste product from the petroleum industry plus may also contain lead, artificial scents, other chemicals).

That night, I sat with my dearest hubby in our living room, with all the lights off (and everything off).

We had a fun night viewing our lovely kids show “Art of Light” by using light doodles. All pictures captured by our digital camera.

Title: Cosmic Encounter.


Title: Forgiveness.


Title: Trapped!


Title: Will You, Mercy?


Below is a fascinating video from my kids, dedicated to Earth Hour 2011 via our YouTube channel:

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.



Title: Rebirth.


Title: Metamorphosis.


Title: Hazard of Heart.


Title: Delusional.


Title: Rebellious.


Title: The Sphinx.


Title: Doubtless Doubt.


Title: Light on Air.


Title: Stop.End.Life.


I realized that we spent the whole night without electricity and all the gadgets, sitting with family, playing games and having such a sublime time. Subhanallah! 😀

I hope your family will participated next year, and you may set your own time for each week or month.

So, how do you plan to spend your next Earth Hour?


Have a blissful weekend mommies 😉

God blessed ,  Amin~



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