Cooking Demo: Thank You (I)

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Month of Outstation Duty .


PhotoBlog@ Kuala Lumpur Children Book Fair 2010 at Putra World Trade Centre .

Highly dedication for all of Y-O-U , even you can’t make it previously, we deeply treasured your prayer and sweet wishes 😉 Alhamdulillah, arigato gozaimasu! *triple hugs*


PTS Millennia (PWTC, Kuala Lumpur): Hidangan Si Cilik

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.
Credits to The King ^____^



Sir Aizat Razak (brilliant buddy, endless thank you!), Miss Mazri Ernie (alluring momma, thank you to your husband and lil prince!), my adorable kids (thank you dearest hubby and lovely kids!) and me.


My lovable big family: Generous list of Dad, Mom,
Lil Meamizuno, Lil Firdaus and Lil Is ^O^
Thank you so much for your great support, truly amazing!
Can’t thank you enough~ *tears*


Huggin’ my extraordinary buddy, do guess please >_<
Hint: Scroll below picture . . .
Thank you very much to Sir Baharuddin Bekri as great presenter~


Spotted all-black-apparel lady on the right side?
She’s my best helper on that day a.k.a my special buddy’s younger sister.
Can you guess now? ^___^


Another hint . . . ^_-


Thank you Sir Wahyudi as PTS publisher spokesperson 😀
Very helpful and cheerful guy in person.
Can’t hide my laughing face any longer >w<


Sir Cameraman! (so patiently with us :-D).
Thank so much to you, Sir!


Gorgeous lady, Miss Zila (PTS Millennia Editor) and her cute lil helper : Lil Humaira >O<
Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being there for all of us. We’re truly grateful!


Spotted my sweet mom (blue theme)?
Spotted my cyber mom? (purple theme)?
Thank you deeply to cute participants ^-^ I heart your kindness.


Testing the food: Lagun Lasagna ~
(pssst: This is my cyber mom’s loyal husband ^_^)
Spotted superb my dad and my talented lil bro?


Signature time 😀


Thank you to my awesome cyber girl for almost 10 years!
Miss Diyana the lovesome pal ^___^
She bought 2 copies of Hidangan Si Cilik’s book, thank you so much darl~
One for her and another as present for her girlfriend. Awww, so sweet!


My A-list cyber pal! Sir Syed Aiman, the genius 😉
He also bought his own copy (even he’s so young and still in his uni life).
OMG! Why you’re too kind to us -_- Splashing tears!!!


No more clues, this is my notable lady: Miss nelcyndana 😀
So incredible hot momma with her supportive husband and 2 splendid princess, yet super behave!
Sincerely touched by her pure friendship, thank you my babe!


Yes, this is my cyber mom! 😉
Madam Chef Hanieliza, the most unthinkable persona on earth!


From that day till today, she always doing her “voice-bonding” parenting for me.
Ouchhh, isn’t she’s soooooo admirable? Yes, indeed!


With precious lady,’s blog reader.
Please do kindly provide me your URL and my dearie 😀
Thank you so much to you and your lil cheeky prince!



Wishing you a miraculous journey mommies 😉

May Allah swt blessed your honorable family. Amin~



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