And Now They’re Asking for RANSOM!

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Ohaiyo gozaimasu beauteous mommies 😉

May you’re in lovely holiday *hugs*

OMG, OML, it happened again!

Oh dear, previously they kidnapped me once last year, but this time they’re acting more brutal and aggressive plus even asked me for full amount of ransom!

These  cold-blooded team are responsible in asking me ransom in advance for special mission 2011:


Gosh, I still remember the whole thing like it was permanently attached to my soul. (Lol!). It was yesterday!



Disclaimer: This post is just a joke. They’re utterly great of A-Team list of PTS Professional. Each of them are individually  implausible person *too generous!*. I’m working hard on my dateline now *Alhamdulillah*.


Thanks a lot for your solicitous support my ladies 😉

May God always blessed your dear family *cuddles*





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20. March 2011 by MamaFiza
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