Gambatte, gambatte ne!

Good morning to my most alluring ladies 😉

May God blessed your day with great health & peaceful life, Amin~ *triple hugs*

Oh my Lord, it’s been a while, and I can hardly believe myself that the very last time I posted (real blog post!) was last year, before Christmas (on the month of November 2010) ! Totally awkward -_- how time flies.

For the time being when I am not at work I just want to focus on family. As for me, life is truly overloaded and too full right now to put my soul and energy into a blog.

Thus, if my time is torn between blogging or time with my dearest family:  then my adorable hubby, my little angels and new family member (lil Kash *pics on the banner [left side], please refresh* will win out everytime 😀

4 months later, (yes, it’s today), I’ve been dedicated to my new venture (book writing) for year 2011 with enormous efforts. I am truly sorry for my absent in blogging world due to I really need to accomplish my mission for my dear family and personal target by this year. Time will tell, Insya-Allah, Amin 😉

There were lots of good (great! Alhamdulillah ^___^) moments since last year, but no need to go further into detail here as I’m keeping my promises to my beloved kids as they asked me to minimize a blog entry with anything related to them for the whole year of 2010 because of respecting their privacy (To much publicity, I guess. I do understand and obey their precious thoughts).

So I kept all the Homeschool’s Year 2010 Diary (Jan – Dec 2010 till March 2011) as in our private record view.

Alright then, done that ^O^

Our new year celebration >w<

Midnight, girls!

5 minutes of happiness ^-^

Wish, wish, wish.

The end for the START ^_-

And let’s get back to fun homeschool blog posts soon of awesome update and stuff as I just obtained green light from them to publish it like a normal routine (weekly) starting from this April 2011.

Do check ’em out 😀 Have a sublime weekend my foxy babes!

p/s:  on behalf of my family, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to the people of Japan (especially my bestfriend a.k.a my godfather: Sir Ogasyo, he called me lil ASH since year 1999 ^-^ *how sweet!*) and victims of his country’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. We’re deeply saddened by the loss of life that has occurred. We’ll keep on praying the best and support you, gambatte ne! Moreover, the manner in which the Japanese people are responding to this awful tragedy has impressed me totally, what a wonderful nation!

Tribute to Japan – Gambatte, gambatte ne!!! *prayers & love~*




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