It’s Ain’t Just will-o’-the-wisp :)

Ohaiyo gozaimasu to my special ladies 😉

I wish you’re in tremendously happy plus in the pink of health, Amin~ *bear hugs* >O<

Alhamdulillah, early this week I’ve loaded with plenty of great news from my precious girls. Thank you my dearest, may God always blessed your kindred heart *blissful tears* 😀

My deepest thank you to my beloved husband and lovely kids, the WOW Mom Legacy’s momma and YOU! ^_^ We won’t be here without your prayer and endless support. I really thank you.

1) PTS Publication & Distributors Sdn Bhd‘s Chairman (a.k.a respectable and incredible chairwoman ^-^): Madam Ainon Mohd, posted this update (I received this news from my best girl: Miss Ashikin, Senior Editor from PTS Millennia, really thanked her for everything! She’s too good to be true.) :

2) PTS Millennia‘s superb creative editor: Miss Mazura Othman, tag me this picture via Facebook.

She said: Yeayyyy!
I said: OMG, it’s true?*gasp, almost faint!* Alhamdulillah, all book safely printed.
What a gorgeous girl  and wonderful team work!
Oh, Lord. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity >_____<

3) Received sincere phone call from PTS Professional Publishing Sdn Bhd‘s Senior EditorSir Aizat Razak, very touched with his generosity and congratulated my family and I regarding our 1st book. Truly wide open experienced dealing with humble person like him 😀

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.
Sir Aizat *with black coat*, a project manager for PTS company at Children Book Fair 2010 event.

4) Obtained blog and Facebook update from my best buddy: Miss Yus ^_- Wowwww, she’s faster than me to grab the book at KL Children Book Fair 2010, PWTC !!! *afternoon, 22nd December 2010*

Gosh, she makes my day!
It’s my hot pie Miss Yus~  >w<
You’re always amazed me with your truthful heart. Simply awesome pal, ever 😉
Gazillion thanks to you, lucky mama.

5) Managed to get 210 copies of  books: “Hidangan Si Cilik by Mamafiza“, ISBN: 978-967-5564-69-7, published by PTS. Smooth sailing transaction with most adorable Editor: Miss Zila from PTS Millennia ^-^ She’s too kind to my family. Thank you.

Ho oh oh ho~
Cheese and peace!
p/s: may speedy recovery for you Miss Zila ^__^

This is IT!!!
Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar 😉

Snapshot from the book!
So colorful with lots of illustration by Miss Mazura *splendid job!* ^-^

Many of my beauteous ladies asked me: Why cook book? Why not parenting or homeschooling book as your 1st book from PTS?

I replied: Oh, my dearest babe. Thank you. Actually, it’s not a cook book. It’s edu+cook book. Educational + Step-by-step cook book. I made this decision because of my passion in delivering fun moment for family meal time each day with healthy homemade food. I strongly believe, positive attitude and mind-set need to be nurture with love and care from young age. You’ll be surprised to find out that this book ain’t just suitable to be keep in the kitchen’s book collection, but most qualified to be in your personal library 😀

  • completed with 45 simple, easy, yummy recipes for your little toddler and preschooler (plus the whole family too ^-^), you may prepare for your little precious or even have fun cooking time together. Included:
  • 4 step-by-step pictures, 1 completed picture (for all 45 recipes)
  • creative trivia for parents to develop a quick story time (for each pages!)
  • interesting fun-facts for your child (for each pages!)
  • additional cooking tips/suggestion (for each pages!)
  • a weekly menu guide list
  • cooking tools 101
  • 1 art activity (related with the recipes)
  • 1 science activity (related with the recipes).
  • list of recipes.
  • 96 full-color pages. No white/blank pages.
  • Guaranteed success recipes!
  • Do click HERE to read more ^_^ Thank you.

This is more like a twin tower 😀

Before unpacking the books, seriously heavy packages.
Credited to my honey-bee-hubby ^_^

6) You’re invited to come for our 1st cooking demo event at Pesta Buku Kanak-kanak Kuala Lumpur 2010, on this Saturday: 25th December 2010, at PWTC, Dewan Tun Razak 3, PTS booth (A49-A53) & (A69-A72), from 5pm-6pm. FREE talk + consultation and book-signing by me from 6pm-7pm 😀

Truly hope to personally meet and greet you, there! Please do come >w<

Trillion thanks to you, my ladies *cheers + tears*

May God blessed your remarkable family, each breath. Amin~


p/s: Alhamdulillah, congratulation for newborn princess of Miss Jamie (JB), Miss Ila (MyKhalish) and Miss Anfaal >_< What a joyful news!!! Enjoy your pleasant time for breastfeeding your lil angel.

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  1. TQ mamafiza for putting my name in ur post. Can’t wait to get a copy of that colourful edu+cook book! All the best!

  2. baru jer beli tadi kt pwtc..

    aisehmen, rugi ar x dpt author’s signature.
    tomorrow i’m not available. isk…isk..

  3. mamafiza,

    congrats! so jeles… in a gud & motivated way ;-). Insyaallah my time will come later. Pray for me. I truly believe writing a cookbook is one of your greatest move. The book will sincerely represents who you are. I know how grateful you are for having the opportunities to provide a complete, healthy & delicious meals to your family 😉 I always heart your ‘masa terduga’. Meet you there, honey 😉

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