After 4 years and 4 months . . .

Moshi-moshi to my gorgeous babe 😉

May you’re in peaceful and splendid moment with your dear family *cheers*

It has finally happened.  Alhamdulillah >_<

It took a little longer than anticipated, but this week and next week will be an extraordinary adventure for my beloved family. I’ll announce very soon, promised!

Even though we’re pretty busy with homeschool schedule plus outstation duty trips, we had spent most of our family time preparing for year 2011 homeschool setup (included spring cleaning session for year end celebration ^___^) .

Proof of print-screen:
The truth from’s WordPress Admin Log.
Total of only 379 blog posts since year 2006 till end of this year.
Less than 90 blog entry per year >w< Comments received: 2924!

For me, it’s not just about quantity but more about sincerity (tiny step but meaningful journey).

Gazillion thanks once again to Y-OU in any kind of support role out there 😀

I do strongly believe, sometimes it might be endlessly tiring, frequently it may be thankless, however we couldn’t achieve this far without YOU. Deeply to us, you’re worth your generosity in pearl and gold *happy tears >O<*

Priceless: I also learned, each day when I’m unable to update this blog because my limit of time, I dare to be silence with my prayer for you and say nothing at all if I don’t have anything good or valuable to say and share.

It has been a nice 4 and a quarter year run,  WhizKid a.k.a and we’re now in the age of expanding and sharing more possibilities with our loyal supporters. Insya-Allah.

Due to we’ve a new line-up crew for programmer and designers, I may fully dedicated some of my free time to write new book for respectable PTS publisher 😉

Miraculously for the months of November-December 2010, I managed to splurge myself in active writing mode. For the very first time, 6 full manuscripts already completed and sent to honorable editor, early last week and just another 2 major manuscripts left *Alhamdulillah*

I wish you will always stay focus, stay positive + never ever give up or quit on yourself or your dreams because God is with you.

Please do enjoy your holiday mommies, will definately update soon. *triple hugs*

Have fun! 😉

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

16. December 2010 by MamaFiza
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