Happy Birthday TM Everyone Connects – One Year Anniversary!

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Congratulation notably to TM Everyone Connects Turns One *heave-ho , heave-ho* 😀

That’s me!

Respecting the above news, TM iTalkWhoa! wishing a great celebration for TM Everyone Connects. A year older and wiser, loaded with millions of fun features.

TM Everyone Connects make everything possible: easy way to communicate and collaborate just with one magic click.

Previously, TM Everyone Connect celebrated their special 1 year anniversary at The Curve on 21st November 2010, gathering with lots of activities, stage performances, games and packed with the coolest prizes!

Check it out, will ya? 😀

Presenting to you, proudly by Everyone Connects!

Birthday cake, gigantic size.

Wow, havoc with crowds.

Learning from early age.

Guide on how to connect.

Young and brainy.

Bunkface: amazing performance!

Don’t wait any longer; take your time to experience more about TM Everyone Connects by visiting their Facebook and surfing the official website EveryoneConnects. Worth to check out 😀

25. November 2010 by The King
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