It’s Time to Gang Up!

Konnichiwa to you, my special foxy ladies 😉

May God always blessed your admirable family. Amin~ *super girl hugs*

Alhamdulillah, we’re in very busy week and once again, on the road! *Outstation duty, babe* ^O^ Thank you Lord for endless love.

However, I do have a very important message to announce today.

Please do kindly check your email in-box (TODAY!) if you’re lucky to be selected as a part of my 2nd family: The Legacy.

Yes, indisputably a VIP in my league-of-trust. From

But, don’t be sad. It’s only the 1st stage. We’ll open for more activity for Wow Mom : The Legacy Club , officially by January 2011 for more benefits to YOU. Insya-Allah.

Team up!
*thank you my lil bro Firdaus*

Are you dare enough to join us?
*thank you to my future SIL, Miss Pka the most adorable lady!*

Congratulation, and welcome to the family ^______^

Please do take a good care mommies, will update you soon for our special day.

See you later, be happy! 😉


p/s: Alhamdulillah, Mr Amir Hamzah spread another great news to me after lunch hour, total today: more 500+ books fully paid via pre-order sold to our respected new online reseller. Gazillion thanks to you my pretty girl >w<

Do simply email Mr Amir at to gain more info on benefits as part of our Reseller Team 😀 *ja ne!*

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

24. November 2010 by MamaFiza
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  1. Count me in, i’ve replied your email 😉 mamafiza, kita ada baju kebaya sama macam awaklah… baju raya 2 tahun lps. Tapi mcm tak muat lagi nak pakai he..he…

  2. Hi Mamafiza,

    I’m a newbie and would like to know most about time management when being a WAHM. How can I participate in this event?

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