10. Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddler and Kids

Hi friends 😀

How’s everyone doing? Just fine I’m sure.

I’ve been doing just great. [Elhamdulillah]

Do you play jigsaw puzzle?

I have been doing lots of puzzles and they really aren’t that simple to do sometimes but I felt very satisfy when completed.

I have done fruits, vegetables, animals, map, vehicles, cartoons, and a variety of others over the years since I am 18 months old.

In our free time, my family would pick a huge puzzle to do together and everyone would sit around and help each other. And yes, sometimes it would take days and a week to finish.

My Mama always said “If we live our lives in love, then life will be perfect. Each day becomes an adventure.”  It makes me grow stronger each day.

Below are some pictures of my sisters and I, taken by Sister Mazura from PTS Millennia Sdn Bhd. Sample for our future publishing book.

Thank you to Sister Mazura for her kind heart with Aunt Miss Zila, for being very patient with us. Lots of pictures been taken, and more theme for almost 3 hours.

Us 😉



My dear sisters.

My little sister.

A little peek of our collection of puzzle:

Suitable for little toddler.

Medium Size Puzzles.

I like this the most and called it: Milk Puzzle.

This is a gift from my Papa early this year for my birthday. [Elhamdulillah]
300 pieces and the biggest puzzle for me.
Yes, I also received jigsaw puzzles other than books as good reward from my parent.

My friends, please give me your ideas or ways you have kept your favorite puzzles. Any other ideas for ways to keep them in one piece?

Thank you for sharing 😀

23. November 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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