Have You Read It Yet?

Dearest hot babes 😉

May you’ve a marvelous weekend. Amin~ *hugs*

Have you get your copy of Reader’s Digest, November 2010  Issue?

Highly recommended, as I totally agreed with intelligent opinion from Sir Adrian Tan in his articles:  Really Useful Schooling.

No doubt, that’s why we’re very pleased to be a homeschooler. Alhamdulillah 😀

The cover~

Sublime write-up!

Column: Voice.

2nd pages.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading the rest of the magazine >O<

Please do take a great care, have a nice day mommies.

My beloved kiddies and their photo-booth station ^___^


p/s: Subhanallah, just within 16 hours posting up this blog entry, Mr Amir Hamzah informed me that 100+ books already been booked and fully paid via pre-order sold to our new reseller. Thank you so much my ladies *big smile + tears*

More info on benefits as part of our Reseller Team, please feel free to email him at littlekittlereseller@gmail.com

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21. November 2010 by MamaFiza
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