LovingMinerals 2nd Birthday Sale!

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May you’ve a splendid holiday beauteous momma 🙂

A brilliant announcement for makeup lovers!

It’s a glamorous time. And it’s a perfect time to reclaim your el natural  look.

As you noticed, I’m one die-hard-fan for LovingMineral makeup for almost 1 and a half years. (Check this out!)

Till today, I still believe : make up does not have to be overdone. Thus, it’s crucial to understand that a natural look is one that uses colors that are right for your skin tone.

Wait no longer my ladies:

RED SEXY SALE at LovingMinerals !!!

They are having an extravaganza sale on their cute website to celebrate
Loving Minerals’ 2nd birthday

Congratulation and Happy Birthday *cheers*

4 mini promotion runs till 25th October:

  • RM10 Anniversary Sample Kits!

  • Birthday discounts off Loving Minerals brushes!
    Handy Kabukis now at RM30, and Baby Kabukis at only RM18.

  • LIMITED EDITION Loving Swirl-dish!

  • Special Anniversary discounts!
    Full-sized items with super-amazing discounts.

Plus, free delivery for all orders above RM100 😀  Isn’t it awesome? Yes, indeed.

Note: Keep in mind – Never ever skimp on makeup tools due to good tools make applying makeup easier and faster.

Have a lovely weekend and online shopping, hot momma! *triple hugs* ^-^

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17. October 2010 by MamaFiza
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