9. Don’t Forget to Claim Your Coupon

Hi friends 😀

How are you today?

Eat healthy and stay fit, alright?

I’m too busy with my photographer work last week. Location: Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan. [Elhamdulillah]

We went for our weekly book hunting yesterday, right after came back from family’s outstation duty. What a happy time 😉

Last night, yet, another surprise planned for my mama. My papa, my sisters  and I did it very well. Yeehaa!

Do wait for her blog update once she’s free from all her tight schedule.

My friend, I like to let you know one of my favorite homeschool’s time-out. It’s Gifts & Praise Coupons Time (previously we used Praise Ribbons and Praise Cards).

Rarely I’ll claim my Praise Coupon for toys as always used these coupons for books, sport gadgets and robotic model kits.

Success generally requires hard work and last 2 weeks, I claimed for my favorite Disney Pixar character: Lightning McQueen ! [Elhamdulillah]

A remote control car and a comfy T-shirt. Thanks Papa, I love you 😀

Great moment:

Blue and Red.

Spotted my pillowcase? A car.

My friends, please don’t forget to show your extra love to your parent and siblings. They are worthy.

May you enjoy your routine too, bye 😀

12. October 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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