8. Toddlers and Kids Water Fun

Hi friends 😀

How is your learning semester going this year?.

We’re having so much fun. [Elhamdulillah]

Even on our family’s outstation work schedule, we’re rarely unplug from our homeschool timetable, always connected 24×7.

For example: Swimming lesson on duty trip. I love to swim. It is a great exercise that can benefit anyone.

My friend, please don’t allow your little sister or brother to run near the pool.

Please play safe as accidents can simply happen on slippery surfaces.

It is very important that you need to learn basic water safety from your parent.

Water fun!!! Splashing and paddling moment:

In the pool.
Must test the pool’s water temperature before plunge in.

All wet.

Little HidE tried to make a peace sign 😉 Cute.

Hello sister ReiHi-cHan.

Smooches in the pool.


Sweet sister, little YunaFi-cHan.

Little HidE told me about “something”.

Here we go.
Spotted one leg?

Free and happy ending.

My friends, did you know: cold water might slow your muscles, making it tricky to swim?

Swimming is a lot of fun, but please be aware: drowning is a real danger.

Enjoy your day 😀

07. October 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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