7. How to Make Exercise Fun? Twirl a Hula Hoop!

Hi friends 😀

How are you today? I’m very fine. [Elhamdulillah]

Do you know why exercise is wise?

In fact, exercise can be a great activity to vote as your favorite’s family time, yet things that you love the most.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a less attractive way to stay fit.

As an example: My Mama and Papa both encouraged my sisters and I to stick with our dancing lessons and be a part of any training.

Hours of fun with hula hoop.

Let the pictures do the talking, will ya? :

Guided from mama 😉

Even little HidE-cHan loves to play hula hoop.

That’s me.

Hello, friends 😀

Weeeee. . .

It’s really fun.

More tips from mama.

Sister ReiHi-cHan, she’s very hard working girl.
She never gives up. [Elhamdulillah]

My sisters. I love them a lot.

All the best, sister.

YunaFi-cHan’s pose with hula hoop.

The beauty of sunset. All pictures taken by my Papa.
Thank you Papa. I love you.

Us 😉

Yippieee . . .[Elhamdulillah]

My friends, do you have some additional creative ways to exercise or get moving?

Please share with us. Thank you 😀

05. October 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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