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Ohaiyo gozaimasu marvelous ladies *hugs* 😀

Super quick update for today, off we go one more time!

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been featured in Harian Metro newspaper, today for 3rd times *tears*

Truly blissful week from God.

Ta daaaaa  😀

For this article, it is my sincere and honest confession to Miss Siti for my very own experiences as fussy eater in my childhood!

I’m blessed with devoted beloved brilliant mom and my best grandma. They always make super great food for my siblings and I every single day but I try to avoid my daily veggies intake due to my misconception regarding healthy food T_T
I deeply regret my misbehavior, I’m very sorry Mom! I’m so sorry to you, Granny!

Thus, I didn’t want my child to be exactly like me and took my first step once I delivered my first baby.

You’re invited to read my true story in this article, creatively written by Miss Siti ^____^ *But full edition for story coverage and my tips are only available in Harian Metro newspaper but not in e-version (online newspaper). Hope you’ll get your own copy, Insya-Allah*

29th September 2010!

Tadaaa 😀

Splendid article: Ajar Makan Sayur – Asuh Tabiat Makan Sejak Kecil ^___^

My little angels >w<

Some of our homemade foods ^_-

More tips from us ^-^

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this article and may implement ’em in your family, Insya-Allah 😉

See you soon my sugary ladies~

p/s: gazillion thanks to Harian Metro, sublime lady Miss Siti for superb and dedicated work *tears & hugs* Thank you to YOU, gorgeous momma for your endless support, may God blessed your day! *cuddles*

Trillion thanks to my dear hubby & sweet kids, my beloved lovey-duvey mum & amazing dad, my adorable MIL, my charming grandma & grandpa, my great siblings!!!

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29. September 2010 by MamaFiza
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