6. Sewing Lesson for Toddler and Kids

Hi friends 😉

Straight from my heart: Happy Eid to you! (sorry for late wishes).

How’s your holiday? Any enjoyable vacation?

I’m all packed with my very personal homeschool schedule. I also just attended 2 extra class (both in studio) since last 2 weeks. It’s only 1 hour per class weekly.

Really good experience for me to learn new things and mingle with new friends. [Elhamdulillah]

Today, I got some free time before following my mama to her outstation duty this evening. While she’s preparing lunch in the kitchen, I try my best to update this blog for you, my friends 😀

We started our sewing lesson from early this year, guided by mama. [Thank you Mama].

At first, we practiced on how to sew using lacing card. Then, sew using felt fabrics and huge needles.

We also learned how to sew leather material with special long needles (5th project).

This is my sister’s 10th project for this year (Cross Stitch).
Still in progress, I will help her to publish about this once completed.

Here are some of pictures from 1st lesson:

Square felt cloth.

Sister ReiHi-cHan and basic sewing : Lining.


Sister YunaFi-cHan. Focused.

Please be careful little sister.

Elhamdulillah, after several practices, my sister ReiHi-cHan gained her confidences and helped my mama to hand sewn simple stitch to repair a tear in thin mat.

For beginner, it is advisable to use contra thread colors.
Good job sis! 😀

Till we meet again my friends.

Thank you for your time.

Please share your personal blog with me and insert your nickname and URL in comment box. Thank you 😉

28. September 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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  1. great. sewing sharpen their fine motor skills as well as focus and concentration. on top of that, it’s fun and interesting for the kids to imitate the adults.

    do you teach the boys too because you wrote that this is sisters project?


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