Panelist at UiTM Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam (Part II)

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Perhaps, now is the perfect time to continue previous blog post.

In my speech for this event, I did proudly mentioned my family’s point of view, my incredible blog guru Miss Diva Redmummy, my intelligent business guru: Sir Irfan Khairi, name of my idol: Sir Bill Gates, and lots more personal inspirational story.

Okie dookie, let’s take a peek some pictures of “behind the scene” (thank you to my darling hubby for below photos):

Nearly, it takes 50 minutes for us to arrive at UiTM Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam from our home sweet home. Alhamdulillah for smooth sailing journey.

Before we start our symposium, we discussed as in one team.
Yes, as homeschooler family, we bring our kids everywhere! Even in private meetings with VIP clients. This is our priority advantage as’s family . That’s why we may open-up real life environment for our kids to experience ’em in first hand. Alhamdulillah~

Full of happiness >_<

More focused~
Hello there Sir Aidi Rahimi! 😉 *tall guy with black suit*
Deeply adore his artistic talent.

Be in the correct lane~

From left: Sir Ezwan Mokhtar, Head of Programme Animation (gosh, he’s my senior from MMU, Cyberjaya), Sir Dr Sabzali and me!

Significant moment ^_-

Me and our business card~
Networking time, babe!

We’ve tons of candid pictures of Sir Ezwan, Dr Sabzali and me, but only been kept for family’s exclusive collection.

Big smiles~

Our waiting room (actually one of UiTM’s classroom)!
Heee ^O^


Wanna view more pictures?
(Below photos taken by my dear son: KiruaMi-cHan, thanks hot boy! ^-^)

Me with my guardian angels~
(Actually they’re 6 of them, not just gorgeous but truly kind and taking care of my family specific needs till the end of the day. *Fabulous Miss Tini – with hijab* and cutest Miss “Stacy” *I gave her this nickname!).

Beauteous Miss Zaza ^-^

Superb Miss Independent ^___^

Great personality: Sir Ezwan Mokhtar!

Fantastic and best event manager: Sir Nd~

Marvelous moderator, Sir Nan ^-^

Dedicated Sir Photographer!

Alright then, need to stop right now. I’ve full of over loaded works and schedule to be complete by this week. I’m truly sorry, I’ll try my best to reply your personal email in my free time. Please don’t be sad T-T

Thank you so much for reading this blog update, may God always blessed your kind heart my sublime lady *triple hugs* 😀

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