Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Week of Outstation Job .


Oyasumi nasai to my kindhearted ladies 😉

Wish you’re in lovely evening. Amin~

How’s your Eid celebration? May everything will be full with positive spirit.

Trillion thanks for your personal email and kind comments, I truly and deeply appreciate it. Please allow me to reply and get back to you once I’m back from my outstation work. Please, please, pretty please? *triple hugs* ^O^

But firstly I do sincerely apologize for my delay update regarding Eid-ul-Fitr 2010 pictures gallery. Will try my best to upload ’em by end of this week. Insya-Allah ^-^

Alhamdulillah, we’d tremendous photo shoot time with our professional photographer, Sir Firdaus Abd Rahman a.k.a my little brother!

Plus, we spent marvelous moment in my beloved MIL house at Johor Bahru, visited lots of my hubby’s relatives in Batu Pahat and last but not least my dearest granny house in Bandar Baru Bangi and sublime celebration with my super mom (too much irresistible cuisine! Thank you mom~) and super dad! 😀 *Thank you Lord!*

Specially to our remarkable loyal blog readers: Happy Mid Autumn Festival 😀

Tadaaa . . . Happy, happy!

A little close-up please . . . *tickles!*
Top: Junk Food Clothing ^-^

Truth: Quick preparation behind the scene >w<

Girl and boy!

Cuddly girls >_<

Who’s there?

Little girls ^_-

Please do take care to you too my foxy ladies, may you enjoy your week. Be free, be inspired!

Gambatte, gambatte ne 😉

All the best to you, Amin~


p/s: Thank you for your inquiry regarding LittleKittle’s Seminar. Please kindly email me at mamafiza[@]gmail.com for FAQ, thanks cutie. I’ll try my best to reply your email after come back from my work duty.

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20. September 2010 by MamaFiza
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