Easy Steps to Improve Your Appearance, Feel and Look Fabulous! (Sponsored by Styles4u.net)

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Note: This article is brought to you proudly by our special sponsor: Miss Pei See, the owner of (Styles4u.net Boutique) for her loves in woman’s fashion world and beauty care 😉


Today, I would like to share some quick “Easy Steps to Improve Your Appearance, Feel and Look Fabulous” with Styles4u.net, your one-stop reliable online shop.

To be fabulous it’s not just about well-dressed, but requires a balanced and a strong combination of : having great style, letting a remarkable personality shine through, presenting yourself well, keeping fit and healthy.

Looks don’t inevitably enhance what others think of you. Sincerely do it for yourself 😀

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Alhamdulillah, safe & sound delivery.
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Step by step Guide:

  • Step 1 Try on new make-up.

    Go much more dramatic with regular daily make-up than usual, example: get huge impression with dramatic eyes.

    Don’t forget to curl your lashes before applying your favorite mascara (mascara will make your eyes appear larger and lively).

    You will only need 15 minutes to finish the entire everyday makeup, once you have practiced it a couple of times. Indeed, practice makes perfect.

  • Step 2 Do clean up your nails and please give yourself a manicure and pedicure regularly as you may do this inexpensively by yourself very easily.

  • Step 3 Keep up a good beauty regime (physically and mentally)!
    Enjoy your weekly exercise or sign-up for a dance class.

    Drink plenty of water and eat homemade food. Learning to cook high quality food for yourselves and your family can amazingly change everything.

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(2nd interview by Miss Siti, journalist from Harian Metro)

  • Step 4 Add-on an appropriate accessories (scarves, headbands, belts) to your presentable apparel as the right jewelery can dramatically change an outfit.

    Lovely necklace, nice bracelets and a dramatic pair of earrings can do the trick while extraordinary rings can add any twist to an outfit that you are wearing.

    Sparkles, shine, metallic, and color will make a huge difference. It’s a life-saver!

Note: Don’t overdo it. Just select on one or two great, gorgeous pieces. You probably don’t want to look cluttered and over-done.

  • Step 5 Always start your day with confidence and a positive attitude 😀

    It’s 50% of the gorgeous look. Find a solution to search for simple, classy, and creative dressing. Do put in mind : Little things make a big difference (LIVE A LITTLE!).


Okie dookie my hot ladies, last but not least: Keep your mind active. Read a lot of informative books to improve knowledge plus may help you to stay on top of current events.

See for yourself that beauty comes in all colors and sizes by spending your leisure time for a trip. Have fun 😉

Gambatte ne!

May Allah swt always blessed your day. Amin~

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