Science Fun Experiments for Toddler and Kids

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Oyasumi nasai to my benevolent ladies 😉

Good evening, hope you’re in marvelous health condition. Amin.

Another quick update regarding my beloved kid’s homeschool science experiment project.

Alhamdulillah, basically we manage to cover 3-5 sciences plan per week ^O^ , which reminds us, we’re all for science projects!

Young kids are full of curiosity *talkative!*, very keen observers and absolutely an extremely energetic explorers.

Believe me, your little angel already have some basic science skills, and why not try to build on their interests in science?

Your dear kids will love the hands-on experience plus you can enliven them to be involve in an activity that will have them learning without any force (even without the kids even realizing it 😀 ). Cool eh?

Our science boxes! >w<

Unpack! These are for August-September 2010 schedule.
These materials obtained in bulk from the suppliers.

Amusement ^__^
Alhamdulillah, our homeschool’s project fully sponsored by
my dearest hubby since year 2004! Gazillion thanks boo~


Some teaser pictures from my little boyfriend’s personal album of his adventurous journey in weekly Robotic Class (private instructor: The King!):

What it is?
Do wait for his very own update ^_-

Learn to follow manual.
Daily improvisation, Alhamdulillah ^-^ Good boy!

Really careful. Sharp hobby knife!

You’ll find a huge amount of experiments can be done using simple ingredients found around your house.

Don’t worry if your experiments don’t come out as you would expect and do keep in mind that some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been made by mistake 😀 Rite?

Please make sure the project are easy, safe and perfect for little kids. Most importantly, have fun!

May God blessed your family, Amin~


p/s: Do contact me personally by clicking HERE , for personal shopper inquiry (homeschool books, science projects equipment, woman stuff, etc). Thank you, gorgeous! 😉

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