Ramadhan 2010 Cooking Diary (Part I)

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Good afternoon to my fabulous ladies 😉

Wish you’re in marvelous health and great fasting day. Amin~

Alhamdulillah, my kids truly enjoy their fasting day each moment upon receiving full motivation and undeniable encouragement  from my husband and I.

As an ordinary busy mom, perhaps, I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy sleeping *hoho!* ^O^

I love to feed my family nutritious foods using wide range of herbs and spices, wholesome ingredients (in their natural condition whenever possible) and I do believe it is the healthiest and most reliable way to prepare food.

Wait no more, I bet you’ll easily discover masses of simple yet delicious healthy eating guidelines and information on the Internet to help you reschedule additional healthy food into your beloved family’s meal, every single day.

It’s about keeping the balance, and that’s what matters and most important for your family.

My hot ladies, do start today! Make the switch to easier, healthier eating style for yourself and your family.

Trust me, it’s simple 😀


Below are some of our foods gallery for Ramadhan 2010 (Part I):

Special grilled Teriyaki lamb strips, homemade eggs slices,
black pepper chicken cubes and cheese~

Some of early preparation (marinated).

Portuguese Baked Fish *yay!* >_<

Portuguese Baked Fish, tofu with veggies and Briyani rice >w<

Grated cheese~
*Thanks a lot to my kids for being such a great helper*

Cheesy crispy lasagna (family’s favorite!) ^_^

Salmon chucks, veggies with butter rice ^_-

O la la lamb~

Completed 😀

Japanese curry ^___^ (dearest hubby’s favorite!)

Lambs and herbs strips >O<

Good deal ^-^
Lamb strips with Japanese curry!

Mini size~

Asam Pedas Nyonya (chicken strips) 😉

Chicken Curry with Potatoes ~ *yum!*

Veggies soup with chicken legs ^_^

Okie dookie sweet heart, till then. Don’t forget to share your fasting moment with us.

Do enjoy your day. All the best!

Gambatte ne 😉

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~


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Do email me at mamafiza[@]gmail.com , together with your payment details before 20th August 2010 (closing date). Kindly advise. Thank you. Don’t miss these events, book your seat now! 😉

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17. August 2010 by MamaFiza
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  1. Askm….

    I really interested with the article from Harian Metro (29th Sept 10)”Asuh Tabiat Makan Sejal Kecil”. I hv 2 lovely daughter , 4 yrs old and 11/2 yrs old. My 1 yr baby don’t hv any prob with eating habits. But the elder one really had a tough time to feed her. Sometimes she eats a lot , sometimes she don’t. She prefer drink milk fr the bottle. And she hardly want to eat vege…

    One more thing can you pls giv the recipe for the crispy cheesy lasagna. Tq

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