My 1st 1/100 MG Aile Strike Gundam (SEED)

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EyO readers !

“This is not to show you how to build a model step by step.”

It all started when, my wife said, “She loves Gundam RX-78” (and started her private set of collection of RX-78 since year 1999), HUH!

As for me, “That’s totally awkward, dude! No… girl can’t play Gundam, it’s a boy stuff, BTW she built Gundam’s models before me! waaawaaa T_T <– sad face.

(Ahem, I need to get one) and last 2 weeks she bought me a special edition of Master Grade Aile Strike, GUNPLA 30th Anniversary Series (^_^ <– happy), and thanks to my wife, I can’t get enough of gundam models now!

(Hunny dear, another box, please? p/s: Yup, I’m aiming for my 2nd Gundam, hint.hint.hint, hehe) 😀

(Made my day!)

From the first time I saw Strike & Wing (Anime) in action, I knew I’m in love with Gundam. I literally knows nothing about building a Gundam plastic model (a.k.a gunpla), I spent more than 3 day (yes yes noob of me) to complete it initially.

(Huh!? Pink sword??)

I was worried that I was not going to do a good job and spoil it (after all – it is expensive and worthily for me).

After looking at other people models however, I realized the importance of inking and that you have to use the “just do it” attitude – “so I ask my wife to do it (lining job)” LOL, after all she’s a good designer. Another extra job for her I guess. Heh!

Tips: If you screw up then use a rubber or sand paper and before you know it you will have a mean looking Gundam.

I also broke a few pieces of the plastic while assembling, so a lesson learned there:

1 ) No rushing when building model kits.

2 ) No building when super sleepy.(zzZzZZzz)

I will be adding more update as I build more Gundams.

(I’m too cool!)

Gundam Grade:

1 ) Perfect Grade (PG) – 1/60 – the most details and have alot of parts. usually come in a big box.

2 ) Master Grade (MG) – 1/100 – the most popular grade among others. second most details kits than perfect grade. has a inner frame and also outside armour.

3 ) Normal/Non Grade (NG) – 1/100, 1/60(Big Scale NG) – MG scale with no inner frame and also of course less details than MGs.

4) High Grade (HG) – 1/144 – NG level with smaller scale.

5) First Grade (FG) – 1/144 – The most less details grade among all, usually been mold in just 2 or 3 basic colors. and the manual usually printed on the box.

6 ) Speed Grade (SG) – 1/200 – Painted kit straight on the runner, just cut the piece out and assemble, minor lining needed to look more nicer.

7 ) Super Deform (SD) – short/cute gundam with big head.

8 ) Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) – 1/144, 1/100 (most of them are from Metal Series) – Painted gundams model (usually a very nice paint job)  also can be consider as a action figure, take out from the box and straight display.

9 ) SHCM Pro/HCM Pro – 1/200, 1/144 – same as GFF version but smaller and lesser details and paint job.

Aile Strike Gundam info: This gorgeous Master Grade kit of the Strike Gundam with the Aile Striker features super-pose-able “inner frame” system, which you build up before adding the armor.

This inner frame allows you to pose the completed kit in all kinds of realistic positions, with much more freedom than you get with regular kits (even with regular Master Grades!). Comes with parts for the display base, too.

Aile Strike Gundam Poses & In the making

Thanks Hunny Bunny!

Next Model? Ermm…

Alright then, roger and out!

07. August 2010 by The King
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