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Living separately with my dear wife and 2 kids (I bring another 2 😉 ) once in a while (almost every month!) because of outstation duty makes me treasured my family the most.

We had been using iTalkWhoa since early this year due to inexpensive (unbeatable price) and convenient services help us save a lot of money even we need to contact and reach each other by making endless calls plus SMS to international and domestic area.

You can’t deny the power of iTaklWHOA! *you won’t need to be an IT savy to use it, simply useful*

One important tips from me, please do ensure you always check your credit and topped up your account regularly. Previously I may only purchase iTalk credit at iTalk shopper’s and suppliers nationwide but now wait no longer. You may directly buy it via iTalk portal! Yes, no more hassle 😀

Firstly, you just need to enter iTalk official website, and choose your preferable The iTalk credit: RM10, RM20, RM30 or RM50. p/s: I vote for RM50 😀

Then, fill up the form and after payment done, your new credit will automatically be transfer and update into iTalkWhoa account.

As the iTalk portal used NBePay as payment gateway (with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol), don’t worry about security issues. Just make sure to clean your computer cache every time you’ve made online payment.

Don’t forget to check out iTalk WHOA awesome rates! It’s unbelievable.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s now subscribe and switch to the hottest plan in town: easy breezy and greater savings by using iTalkWHOA 😀

12. July 2010 by The King
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