5. Origami Crafts for Toddler and Kids

Hi friends 😀

Hope you’re in a nice weekend with your family.

Elhamdulillah, full week for my sisters and me.

New update for this week: Origami Crafts!

Since I am 14 months old, I still remember each day after bedtime story, my mom would teach us origami and sometime we almost forgot we had spend hours folding paper until way pass bedtime.

I like origami craft because it is a fascinating Japanese art of folding paper and suitable for kids. It’s fun!


Sample of origami pattern book and colorful papers.

Fishes and kittens 😀

Do try this simple craft with your parents. Surely you will very soon get hooked on to this creative activity.

Please don’t waste paper and use recycle paper for daily practice as beginner.

The cheapest and easiest choice to start over as favorite personal hobby.

All the best, friends 😉

10. July 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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  2. infants @ 14mths dont usually have memories dear. agak2 la der

  3. WHO SAID SO? Why NOT?

    Please do learn more before trying to give very annoying comment.

    Perhaps, a little research for you might help: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8585672 , http://www.eheart.com/cesarean/babies.html , be my guest to “Google” it and yes, no need to thank me.

    Although again, every child develops differently and at their own pace plus have there own speed for learning.

    May God blessed your day. Have a fun journey ahead! (without simply criticizing or judging others *winks* )

    p/s: Oh, I know, it’s you that didn’t have the memory of your childhood life, rite? I feel pity for you. So, another jealousy comment from my hater I guess *thehee 😉 * That’s why we’re homeschooler! Praise to God. Amin.

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