4. How to Organize Your Homeschool Daily Supplies

Hi dear friends 😀

I hope you are in good week.

Elhamdulillah, a pleasant week for my family and I 😉

Today, I like to continue about my very own version of homeschool story.

I like to learn in our homeschool room, which full of colorful painting, crafts and puzzles and bookshelves all over the house.

Our parents teach us the important to keep our learning room clean and tidy. As long as everything has a place, our day goes smoothly.

Then, how to organize your homeschool daily supplies?

Simple and easy.

Even though you’re homeschooling your children, but it doesn’t mean that schedule should be taken lightly. Make every day an adventure. No limit in home education, it should be fun, freedom and peaceful for the family ~ MamaFiza

My mom can always prepare everything for us perfectly [Elhamdulillah].

To keep our bookshelves neat, she gathers all-in-one-day homeschool supplies based on our personal daily schedule in one huge wire basket.

A brilliant way to avoid messy room and endless searching for things.

She said, “A wire basket allows you to view at a glance what is stored inside without hassle”.

Loving Monday Preparation. Different items for everyday.

So friends, please do keep your room neat. You will make your mom happy 😀

Do track of your things and put them back when you’re done with your routine.

For this blog entry, I will post for part 2, soon. Bye!

30. June 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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  2. 101% brilliant mama!
    also, i like to use transparent box, easy stacking.
    now, i sew transparent plastic box-case.

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