3. Homeschool Personal Schedule

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My mom always said, each of us need to have a personal daily, weekly and yearly schedule. It is important to widen our perspective of time.

To achieve your future goals in life you need to discipline yourself to order your acts in line with your target. Or else, we’re not going anywhere ~ MamaFiza

That’s why scheduling is so important because it enables you to better use your time.

There is no certain way to make a schedule or perfect timetable. My mom’s recreate our family’s personal schedule by every homeschool semester. Family discussion needed before any permanent setup.

I love to talk privately with my mom. She reminds me to be careful of Internet browsing. It is one of the tricky part in time spending because most of the time you will realize that you may have spent hours online while generating very less value of reading time.

Sample of my personal timetable and my sister’s plan paper ReiHi-cHan.
I like mind-mapping lesson a lot.

The important part: taking action – includes training positive routines into our daily life which will help you to grow as unique individual.

More workbooks.

Schedule for playtime, nap time or free time for flexible and fun day. Be realistic.

And one more thing you must plan before starting up your family homeschool schedule . . .

To be continued! [Try to guess 😉 ] Bye.

27. June 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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